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Gotham - Season 5

In the fifth season, a wide range of dramatic and exciting events begin in this exciting series. The season opens with strong events that look quite different, as Selena is still struggling with a strange future she is trying to deal with. On the other hand, there is a new appearance of a group of bad guys in the city who survived the first attack on the city, where Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne still face the chaos in the city.
Duration: 42 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2019
Keywords:  #Ben McKenzie #Donal Logue #Gotham #Jada Pinkett Smith #Season 5
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Critics Of "Gotham - Season 5"
Tell-Tale TV
January 07, 2019
Season 5 opens with a wonderful, further-into-the-future sequence of Gotham's heavy hitters... preparing for an epic battle, and it is by FAR the best opening sequence of any show in 2019.
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January 04, 2019
Some television shows require the urgency of a final season in order to realize their potential. As it begins its fifth and final season, then, Gotham proves it deserves a spot on that list.
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The Young Folks
January 07, 2019
"Year Zero" set the tone for where Gotham is going for their final season with a bang. There's no time for small henchmen or empty threats. Gotham City is at war and the villains/heroes are here to slay.
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TV Fanatic
January 04, 2019
There was plenty to digest on "Year One," but every moment of this jam-packed episode was a titillating preview of how everything will meld together before we say our final goodbye to television's greatest comic book series.
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Den of Geek
January 04, 2019
Gets off to a fun start with the usual mount of plate spinning and scenery chewing. Because kids, 'less we forget: This is Gotham!
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Entertainment Weekly
January 04, 2019
I love the show's sincere commitment to everything campy about the Caped Crusader. And there's something fully giallo about this final season, all these impeccably dressed cops in a broken city of masked horror.
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IGN Movies
January 04, 2019
Granted, it all has to build up, and you have to start somewhere, but [season 5] offers up exactly what you'd expect and little more.
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AV Club
January 04, 2019
[It's] is certainly a solid enough start to the season.
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January 04, 2019
Season 5 will be the last for television's most unpredictable comics-based show, and the premiere made it clear that the remaining episodes will be as wild as fans have come to expect.
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January 17, 2019
[Gotham is] a ride that's ending soon, but one I'm glad decided early to release the safety switch and fly, balloon-like, right off the tracks.
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