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Before Night Falls

The movie is a richly imagined journey into the life and writings of brilliant Cuban author and exile Reinaldo Arenas, from his childhood in Oriente province to his death in New York City.
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Washington Post
February 23, 2001
It's a struggle not just to make art but to exist, which is itself an art. And to that goal, the cast members, led by the astonishing Bardem, allow themselves to be devoured by the roles they are playing.
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Combustible Celluloid
July 25, 2003
despite a real commitment to Arenas and his work, the film just falls short.
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Film Geek Central
May 10, 2013
This could have been a compelling movie about a wonderful writer, but instead it's a tedious, pointless mess. After spending over 2 hours with Arenas, I still knew nothing about him. Javier Bardem's great performance seemed to be a complete waste.
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Orlando Sentinel
March 12, 2001
Clearly this is Bardem's show. And Bardem walks away with it.
Film Scouts
June 21, 2007
Schabel's most recent work fails to move me. While the story of Reinaldo Arenas is tragic enough to be interesting (and Javier Bardem's performance sympathetic) the film as a whole simply seems long and indulgent.
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Houston Chronicle
February 23, 2001
Consistently intriguing and surprisingly entertaining.
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September 25, 2010
"Before Night Falls" exuberantly portrays a writer whose legacy remains an acutely observant childhood spirit that no perversion of politics could break. Javier Bardem blends the swagger of Robert Downey Jr. and the brooding of a young Al Pacino.
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Washington Post
February 23, 2001
Though Schnabel's first picture, Basquiat, was notable for its excess and self-indulgence, the filmmaker shows restraint and maturity in this moving depiction of Arenas's life and loves.
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Miami Herald
February 23, 2001
Soulful, deeply moving.
Entertainment Today
February 17, 2003
Saddled with a wandering opening and an equally listless conclusion, a more fitting name for this two hour-plus biopic might well be Before Night Falters.
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April 30, 2011
One of the first features about Castro's impact on artists and homosexuals, this biopic is well acted by Bardem
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Rolling Stone
June 04, 2001
In uniting to honor Arenas, Bardem and Schnabel create something extraordinary.
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