Vikings - Season 2

Ragnar and Aslaug continue in their legendary, meanwhile Floki is done with the ship making while Rollo is no where to be found.
Duration: 44 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2014
IMDb: 8.6
Keywords:  #Ciaran Donnelly #Clive Standen #Katheryn Winnick #Travis Fimmel #Vikings - Season 2
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Critics Of "Vikings - Season 2"
David Griffin
March 04, 2014
The reasons for Vikings success stem from its stellar casting, and top-notch writing from Tudors veteran Michael Hirst.
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Rob Owen
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 03, 2014
The setting and culture of Scandinavia in A.D. 796 made Vikings stand out in its first season, but at this point it's just another period soap on cable.
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Courtney Vaudreuil
TV Equals
March 04, 2014
One of the things I love most about Vikings is how visually arresting it is. It has one of the most haunting opening credit sequences that I've ever seen.
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Matt Roush
TV Guide
February 27, 2014
Vikings has a primitive grandeur, with generous helpings of sex and savagery. Missing Spartacus this winter? Give these warriors a look.
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Karen Valby
Entertainment Weekly
March 21, 2014
The best of what Vikings has to offer, besides artfully, horrifically staged sequences of warfare, is fierce Lagertha. Played by Katheryn Winnick (a black-belt tae kwon do teacher in a past life), she may be the most exciting feminist character on TV.
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Hank Stuever
Washington Post
February 27, 2014
Vikings exceeds expectations, so long as those expectations aren't up in Game of Thrones territory. What could be a silly exercise in quasi-historical swordplay is instead an earnest, tightly told family drama.
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Roth Cornet
IGN Movies
March 04, 2014
The series greatest strength is the sense that we're visiting a culture, a people that has been so mysterious; that we're seeing both the mundane and extraordinary aspects of what a Viking's life may have been.
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Maureen Ryan
Huffington Post
March 04, 2014
This gorgeously shot drama -- and it's one of the most visually striking shows on TV -- is simple but not simplistic, and that's a crucial distinction.
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Henry A. Otero
TV Fanatic
February 28, 2014
In many ways, it surpasses all of the first season's accomplishments. Fellow Vikings fanatics, we're in for one hell of a ride.
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Ed Bark
Uncle Barky
February 27, 2014
Vikings has emerged in its second season as a series of appreciably higher quality. Its characters and storytelling, all within a world quite unlike any other on the TV landscape, have gone far beyond the cardboard stage.
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