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The Lord of the Rings

This is an animated movie about an Hobbit who embarks on a journey to destroy the One Ring and end Sauron's reign over Middle-earth.
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Time Out
February 09, 2006
Bakshi's version, using animation and live-action tracings, is uniformly excellent, sticking closely to the original text and visually echoing many of Tolkien's own drawings.
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Not Coming to a Theater Near You
October 14, 2011
A contemporary viewing of The Lord of the Rings is an exercise in outlandishness as well as nostalgia: dreamlike, peculiar.
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TV Guide
December 03, 2012
Tolkien fans, who are familiar with novels, will find it enjoyble, while others may be confused by the action.
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July 07, 2010
Quite simply, those who do not know the characters of Middle Earth going in will not know them coming out.
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Antagony & Ecstasy
November 25, 2012
It's a reckless film, blitzing through some plot points and stalling out over others; the lack of a particular rhythm does not do it any favors, and it is certainly not a fast 133 minutes.
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November 24, 2001
A showcase for inspired imagery and sheer strangeness, a near-miss magnum opus from another era, before the cult of Tolkien went Hollywood.
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Empire Magazine
December 03, 2012
What most people remember is the mix of the live-action tracing within the traditional animation and just how effectively creepy it managed to be, but for the time this did a pretty good job of adapting the dense novels.
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New York Times
May 09, 2005
The film is visually compelling even when murk overtakes the narrative.
Chicago Sun-Times
October 23, 2004
Falls far short of the charm and sweep of the original story.
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Common Sense Media
August 03, 2010
Animated adventure too dated and dark for younger kids.
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December 03, 2012
Innovative and beautiful, cheesy and disjointed.
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Chicago Reader
December 03, 2012
It looked terrible then and it still does: cartoon characters move differently from live actors, and the attempt to duplicate natural movement ends in stylistic incoherence.
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