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Office Christmas Party

At the point when the CEO tries to close her hard-celebrating sibling's branch, he and his main tech-officer must rally their collaborators and host an epic office Christmas party with an end goal to inspire a potential customer and close a deal that will spare their jobs.
Keywords:  #Jason Bateman #Josh Gordon #Office Christmas Party #Olivia Munn #T.J. Miller #Will Speck
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Critics Of "Office Christmas Party"
December 09, 2016
Yet another reminder that allowing your cast to madly improvise instead of actually providing a coherent script with a scintilla of logic often leads to a decline in sustained laughter.
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January 04, 2017
There are laughs to be had, but this certainly won't be considered a Christmas classic in years to come.
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Reel Talk Online
March 22, 2017
Maybe it's because of all the depressing news... or ... the holidays and we are in dire need to see something lighthearted and, frankly, stupid right now, but this is temporarily satisfying. I guess that's all we can ask for this moment.
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Village Voice
December 09, 2016
The rager's excesses are wholly predictable: cocaine, a lot of white people jumping up and down to DJ Kool, gay-panicky visuals with eggnog.
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Film Inquiry
January 04, 2017
Office Christmas Party is a prime example of the pitfalls of throwing Hollywood resources at an under-developed screenplay, hoping the actors will save your ass on the set.
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Detroit News
December 09, 2016
Like most office Christmas parties, you should skip it.
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Daily Telegraph (Australia)
January 13, 2017
The celebration that goes too far is a movie comedy staple, but there's something a bit disturbing about Office Christmas Party's vision of corporate America self-immolating at the end of one terrible year.
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Newark Star-Ledger
December 09, 2016
The supporting characters are the people who are funny. They're the people we care about. And every time the movie cuts from their mad antics ... the whole film starts to deflate a little, like a Mylar balloon from the discount party store.
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Globe and Mail
December 09, 2016
A joyless, laughless - that's right, not even one laugh - affair that proves how indulgent and (worse) boring ensemble comedies such as this become when the ensemble has next to no natural chemistry and even less of a script to riff off of.
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Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)
January 01, 2017
Even Kate McKinnon's tightly-wound HR director wears out her tightly-smiling-Midwesterner welcome after a while.
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New Zealand Herald
February 21, 2017
There are large impressive stunts, pratfalls and chaos, but seldom does Office Christmas Party ever actually shock or delight in the way that it thinks it does.
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San Diego Reader
December 09, 2016
Even a third act demolition derby tribute to The Blues Brothers can't revitalize this stiff.
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