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Date Movie

In an exciting story that looks quite different, with that story about Julia Jones. Julia is overweight, so she looks very unhappy and often lonely. While Julia and Julia are next to her parents, she thinks she will always be alone. But over time, the boy meets her dreams of Grant Fockyerdoder. On the day before the wedding day of their dreams, parents must meet with each other and stay through Julia's scheme which looks completely different.
Keywords:  #Aaron Seltzer #Adam Campbell #Alyson Hannigan #Date Movie #Eddie Griffin #Fred Willard #Jason Friedberg #Jennifer Coolidge #Tony Cox
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Entertainment Weekly
February 22, 2006
You have to be hungry for comedy that's salty and loud, that hits your palate with all the delicacy of hot grease. If you're in that mood, a handful of these jokes will likely be just what you crave.
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DVD Review
July 10, 2007
It's loud and obnoxious, but too full of itself to be interesting and not sober enough to be truly offensive. (Unrated)
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Cinema Crazed
April 29, 2009
It's painful.
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Washington Post
February 23, 2006
These are sight gags best appreciated with a blindfold.
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Dark Horizons
January 15, 2008
There's not a single laugh to be had.
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L.A. Weekly
February 21, 2006
The targets here are Hollywood's bubbleheaded romantic comedies, but director Aaron Setzer (who co-wrote the script with Jason Friedling) doesn't satirize the genre's familiar tropes so much as merely re-stage familiar scenes.
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November 20, 2008
It's hard to see through the utter mess that is Date Movie enough to evaluate its acting, but Hannigan seems to be at least serviceable.
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Hollywood Reporter
February 22, 2006
This crass drag of a dud at best manages to elicit just a couple of half-hearted chuckles over the course of its 80-minute allotment.
AV Club
February 21, 2006
It's kind of amazing that a joke-a-second comedy like Date Movie doesn't contain a single laugh, but what's there has been so thoroughly focus-grouped and market-tested that no joy escapes the vacuum.
Eye for Film
July 04, 2007
far less smart and often less funny than the films it ridicules.
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Boston Phoenix
April 23, 2009
Everything's reduced to an inane fart or ejaculation joke.
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Chicago Reader
December 26, 2006
[Mocks] movies that were much funnier than this one.
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