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After Earth

This is a story about a father and son whose spaceships gets crashed and is now trapped in the Earth in a very remote place, which humans left very long ago to escape Cataclysm. Since Cypher got hurt in the crash, it’s Kitai responsibility to send an SOS. They both now need to figure out how to fight as their survival depends on it.
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Critics Of "After Earth"
Entertainment Weekly
May 31, 2013
The movie takes off from a concept as basic as a videogame, and it sticks to that concept, without surprise.
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Irish Independent
May 02, 2014
After a not very impressive crash sequence, the film settles into a running battle between young Master Smith and a series of CGI monsters, a schema that sounds tiresome, and is.
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Epoch Times
June 20, 2016
Like 'Oblivion' before it 'After' says, 'Humans messed up,' but offers meager entertainment, nothing in terms of solutions, and lots of intelligence-insulting pseudo-science.
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Time Out
June 04, 2013
Most disappointing is the film's lack of ambition, as what could have been a sparky mainstream space opera becomes just another tedious jungle chase movie.
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April 17, 2015
After Earth unfortunately still finds M. Night Shyamalan plodding through another dull, lifeless movie.
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Chicago Sun-Times
May 31, 2013
It's no classic, but it's a special movie: spectacular and wise.
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July 15, 2015
It's not Shyamalan's fault -- he did his best with what he was given. He deserves another shot.
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The Atlantic
May 31, 2013
A film in which the text and subtext-an effortlessly gifted father presses his less-talented son to follow in his footsteps-are in perfect alignment. Alas, only in one of the two does the story end happily.
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New York Magazine/Vulture
May 31, 2013
By the standards of M. Night's Shyamalan's recent films, After Earth is surprisingly not horrible.
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People Magazine
May 02, 2014
The dialogue is as wooden as the acting, and the plot is just silly. Truly, the only thing the film has going for it are some occasionally cool special effects.
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April 08, 2016
If [Jaden Smith] wants a career in film, he'll need to do better than this.
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New Yorker
May 02, 2014
As drama, After Earth offers no surprises; as action, it's rarely stimulating; as a parenting manual, it seems that Will has thrown Jaden into water that's a little too deep.
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