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    Available from: 12-03-2019
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    Available from: 05-03-2019
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    Available from: 26-02-2019
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    Available from: 29-01-2019
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    Available from: 22-01-2019
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    Available from: 15-01-2019
  • Project Blue Book S01E01
    Available from: 08-01-2019


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Project Blue Book - Season 1

Set during the period between the 1950s and 1960s, this exciting TV series recounts the story of appearing UFOs among mysterious conditions. Dr. Allen Hynek is a professional astrophysicist who is tasked by the Air Force to investigate at this case. He begins to enter many exciting events and challenges.
Duration: 45 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2019
Keywords:  #Aidan Gillen #Laura Mennell #Michael Malarkey #Project Blue Book #Season 1
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Critics Of "Project Blue Book - Season 1"
Bleeding Cool
January 08, 2019
Robert Zemeckis has crafted a period-setting UFO-investigative series that's polished and well-crafted but uninspired. It keeps more towards the well-worn paths rather than trying to carve out its own niche.
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Los Angeles Times
January 08, 2019
"Project Blue Book" is a casually enjoyable period science-fiction series, easy enough to describe as a "fact-based" cousin of "The X-Files," minus that series' winking self-awareness.
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TV Fanatic
January 09, 2019
Project Blue Book already has me hooked, and I appreciate the real-life cases on which each episode is based. It gives viewers a thought-provoking authenticity to the story being told.
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TV Insider
January 07, 2019
If Hynek can't always believe his eyes, he's just as skeptical of the top brass explaining the inexplicable with talk of experimental aircraft and Soviet surveillance devices. We know better, mainly because we've seen it all before.
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January 08, 2019
Even if the show has trouble finding its sea legs, it's a perfectly fun bit of distraction that could find an admirable groove if it proves willing to take a step back and make some calculated adjustments.
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Hollywood Reporter
January 08, 2019
In all, the six episodes of Project Blue Book did just enough to keep me moving forward in the hopes that everything will click. Even if the storytelling comes together at some point, I'm not sure what can be done to make Hynek and Quinn a better duo.
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January 08, 2019
Project Blue Book is not only a retread, it's a boring retread to boot.
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Den of Geek
January 08, 2019
Even if the show begins to deviate from reality drastically, Hynek and Malarkey are such intriguing characters, and the mysteries sufficiently fascinating; that I think the show will do well.
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January 08, 2019
Amid the period costumes and wrenched drama there is the hint it's not all fantasy due to the network presenting it. But it looks to be struggling between using as source material recently declassified government files or X-Files reruns.
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January 08, 2019
Tries to coast by recreating the facts and exploring how a skeptic might come to believe, but the doc's journey is sorely lacking in ingenuity.
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