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Firefly - Season 1

Fleeing from the corrupted and oppressed world, a group of war veterans by the company of Malcolm, who is known as Mal, as he has a small space vehicle, by which they manage to wander the universe, searching for the living sources, but their life turns down, upon losing their way in such a weird galaxy, shocking by what they see, the thing that makes their fear and worry.
Duration: 44 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2002
IMDb: 9.0
Keywords:  #Alan Tudyk #Firefly - Season 1 #Gina Torres #Joss Whedon #Nathan Fillion
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Critics Of "Firefly - Season 1"
October 28, 2014
What's great about the series, along with the fantastic writing and casting, is that you don't have to be a fan of the sci-fi genre to enjoy Firefly. In fact, it's almost better if you're not.
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San Francisco Chronicle
October 28, 2014
To call Firefly a vast disappointment is an understatement. Whedon has proven he's capable of brilliance, but this is mere folly.
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October 28, 2014
What saves Firefly from wallowing in its own clich├ęs is its self-aware send-up of both its parent genres.
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Flick Filosopher
October 28, 2014
Everything about Firefly defies convention with a recklessness that, well, Mal Reynolds himself might appreciate. And it's a recklessness that redefines what TV can do... or would have done,
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AV Club
October 28, 2014
Sometimes, the results are simply twice as clich├ęd. But at its best, Firefly plants its feet where Whedon's shows have always found solid ground, in creative plotting, experimental storytelling, sharp writing, and a cast that seems to love its work.
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New York Post
October 28, 2014
A very funny, very hip, very terrific sci-fi show.
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Common Sense Media
October 28, 2014
With its distinctive vision, sharply written characters, and entertaining dialogue, Firefly is both unique and entertaining.
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Entertainment Weekly
October 28, 2014
Whedon does what too many feature filmmakers these days do not: entrance us with elaborate narratives in which small, precise details add up to a coherent philosophy -- a worldview.
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Los Angeles Times
October 28, 2014
The production look is interesting if unspectacular, and the characters have ambiguous appeal. If only Firefly would give them tasks worth watching.
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March 30, 2017
Put back in its intended order, beginning with the original pilot, the series proves not just superb, but arguably Whedon's best series. It is certainly his only original show that was so clearly and fully established from the beginning.
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