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The Backup Plan

Zoe struggles to let people in her life, whenever they attempt to be in close proximity of her, she shuns them away. She also has a great desire to have a baby, but no person to do it with. So she chooses artificial insemination and fortunately meets her perfect guy the same day.
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Played by: Nubbins
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Critics Of "The Backup Plan"
Time Out
April 28, 2010
Why call it a movie when it's really more of an extended, cutesy TV episode that ought to come with a laugh track and a vibrator?
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Film Journal International
August 15, 2011
Nothing to see for anyone who's already viewed their fair share of formulaic romantic comedies.
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7M Pictures
January 05, 2014
The Back-Up Plan has all of the cliches of a bad rom com, but it's not enough to fall into that formula. It also tries to be a raunch fest
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Time Out
May 06, 2010
If this is a comeback, let's hope J-Lo's got something else up her sleeve.
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February 10, 2012
Yes, you will get to see Lopez eat chili with her bare hands, but that's only half as disgusting as a close-up on a pregnancy test sinking into a pile of fresh dog vomit.
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Dallas Morning News
April 23, 2010
It's no big surprise that Lopez can still get laughs; she has a relaxed way with the camera that has mellowed and ripened over the years.
September 24, 2012
Alan Poul's "The Back-Up Plan" is another film in a long line of films that are formulaic to the bone, containing little to no originality, all while following around characters that we could care less about.
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At the Movies
April 26, 2010
The premise was novel enough that I found it sweet and charming.
Houston Chronicle
April 23, 2010
Lopez does a fine job mortifying herself in pursuit of physical humor.
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Reel Film Reviews
April 18, 2011
...comes off as an almost prototypical example of a modern romantic comedy...
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Lyles' Movie Files
September 07, 2013
Has an intriguing concept, but with tired jokes, dumb characters and uninspired direction, the execution is botched all around making for a perfect example of all that's bad with the romantic comedy genre.
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Newark Star-Ledger
December 23, 2014
Just as in sitcoms, every conflict and resolution often takes place here within the very same scene.
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