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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

When Larry, a widower, learns he cannot name his children as beneficiaries on his life insurance policy, Adam Sandler, in order to receive domestic partner benefits, he and his pal decides to pretend to be a gay couple.
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AV Club
July 20, 2007
Good intentions can only carry these films so far, and this one falls woefully short.
January 14, 2008
Above all the idiotic shenanigans and brutally offensive conversation, Chuck & Larry is flat-out a badly made movie.
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February 12, 2010
While it's very easy to eviscerate Chuck and Larry from an activist point of view, all one really has to do to slam the flick is look at the lazy, contrived writing and the traffic-cop direction by frequent Sandler accomplice Dennis Dugan.
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Ebert & Roeper
July 23, 2007
The premise is older than the pilot for Three's Company, and just as unfunny.
Colorado Springs Gazette
February 28, 2008
You know a movie is going to be bad when Rob Schneider shows up as a Chinese wedding chapel minister. No, come to think of it, you know a movie is going to be bad when Rob Schneider shows up at all
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Toronto Star
July 20, 2007
Chuck and Larry remains something close to remarkable: an Adam Sandler movie that manages to be crude and caring in equal measure. In the multiplex, this is called progress.
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The Scorecard Review
March 03, 2008
They could have focused more on the similarities of best friends and a gay couple. Instead, they just try to offend everyone in sight and then act sorry at the end.
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Wall Street Journal
July 20, 2007
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry manages to insult gays, straights, men, women, children, African-Americans, Asians, pastors, mailmen, insurance adjusters, firemen, doctors -- and fans of show music. That's championship stuff.
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USA Today
July 20, 2007
With a tacked-on PC message and leaden attempts at humor, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is a movie that gives marriage, homosexuality, friendship, firefighters, children and nearly everything else a bad name.
DVD Review
July 15, 2009
What truly makes [the film] so detestable is its disingenuous attempt to justify itself with a tacked-on call for acceptance of all people and lifestyles.
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July 24, 2007
There is something to be said for a movie that may end up preaching, for a change, to the unconverted. If only the laughs were bigger, smarter and more frequent than they are.
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