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Ginger Snaps

In a strange story about two teenage sisters, Ginger and Brigitte are at school where they seem to be obsessed with murder. That story began to appear when both sisters held an agreement on the art of death for their school project. It seems that their lives will change completely. When he is attacked by ginger and bitten by a werewolf, Brigitte tries to find a cure to rescue her sister with the help of Sam, a local doper before Ginger emerges to provoke a state of terror and horrific murder.
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Critics Of "Ginger Snaps"
Time Out
June 24, 2006
This isn't just a good horror movie, it's a good movie. Period.
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Radio Times
October 07, 2013
In this highly sophisticated and disturbing Canadian horror movie, director John Fawcett transcends the banality of the werewolf formula with verve, well-paced action and genuine terror.
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January 23, 2017
This small-town coming-of-ager regenders the werewolf myth as a hilariously icky exploration of the monstrous feminine.
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September 24, 2007
A quietly subversive my-sister-is-turning-into-a-werewolf movie that doesn't wimp out at the end.
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Total Film
October 07, 2013
Not squeamish? Like monsters? Go see.
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Entertainment Weekly
November 13, 2001
It deserves a cult following among satire-loving, feminist-minded gore aficionados who appreciate a well-made human tail.
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Electric Sheep
October 07, 2013
A witty and intelligent exploration of what it means to become and live as a woman in middle-class suburbia.
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Globe and Mail
March 19, 2002
The ideas are thin, and the scene-by-scene execution of them is bumbling.
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Toronto Star
November 23, 2001
A superbly realized take on the perils of being different in a world that demands conformity.
Christian Science Monitor
October 07, 2013
John Fawcett has directed "Ginger Snaps" with terrific flair, punctuating ominous moods with bursts of pitch-dark humor.
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Aisle Seat
August 05, 2014
An uncommonly intelligent fright film, one that unnerves you at a very deep, primal level.
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AV Club
October 07, 2013
A smart, resourceful, and wickedly funny teen-horror film that reinvents the werewolf myth as a potent metaphor for pubescent angst and humiliation.
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