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Final Destination 3

Im this part,the main character is the school girl, Wendy in an evening along with some her friends to an amusement park. While she is on the roller coaster, she is asleep and sees a horrific scene: all people will die on that ship. Finally, some people can escape the death, accidentally destroye 'Death's plan'
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Seattle Times
February 10, 2006
The Final Destination movies may be pointless and crass, but they play on that fascination with malicious efficiency, and 3 is no exception.
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September 17, 2007
As a forced, unnecessary addition to the series, it lacks a satisfying relationship to its predecessors while simply rehashing the original's plot ...
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August 30, 2009
Even Hostel showed more respect for the dead
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Toronto Star
February 10, 2006
As a horror flick, Final Destination 3 is literally laughable.
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February 03, 2008
This one regresses the series to what Roger Ebert, back in the splatter-film '80s, dubbed the Dead Teenager genre.
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Orlando Sentinel
February 10, 2006
Might this be the final Final Destination? Don't bet on it.
June 18, 2008
The film starts to pick up after it begins borrowing liberally from The Omen, even more liberally than the film's two predecessors which, as freak-accident horror films, are by definition Omen clones.
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San Francisco Chronicle
February 10, 2006
Fans of cheap thrills can enjoy FD3 for what it is: A ridiculous teen horror movie that piles on more than enough dry humor and freshly moistened gore to satisfy its lowbrow audience.
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February 10, 2006
If you're a Final Destination fan, it's unlikely that #3 will disappoint. If you like horror/thrillers with plenty of cartoonish blood and gore, this will hit the spot.
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DVD Review
July 10, 2007
I'm not sure how much more overkill this franchise can take ....
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Cinema Crazed
April 29, 2009
A boring and repetitive sequel...
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Ebert & Roeper
February 16, 2006
The people in this movie are some of the stupidest people in the history of movies.
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