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Cat Run

Cat Run revolves around the witness - protection of two young detectives. One day, two closed friends Anthony and Julian decided to move to a detective agency. Unfortunately, the first task they had to do was to protect a sexy female witness who was holding the secrets of government. Two clumsy detectives had to face with how to fight the aggressive chase by the giudes who wanted to kill witness to conceal the truth?
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Critics Of "Cat Run"
New York Times
March 31, 2011
An incoherent hybrid of buddy movie, "Girls Gone Wild" episode and James Bond spoof that employs cheap cinematic tricks like multiple split screens for no apparent purpose.
Mark Leeper's Reviews
March 30, 2011
Made for today it just is more chaotic, has more nudity, and had more violence including some slightly nauseating scenes of torture. Otherwise the film is funny and fun, a fast, entertaining ride.
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Boxoffice Magazine
April 04, 2011
A loud, ugly and terrible movie that doesn't skillfully juggle its various elements; it throws them violently at your face and calls it edge.
April 04, 2011
If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with genre baloney -- and enough shoplifted visual trickery to fill Quentin Tarantino's kitchen sink.
March 30, 2011
Bullets, babes, perverts, Euro travel, secret documents, hitmen, car bombs, and testicular torture. Oh my.
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7M Pictures
August 14, 2012
This movie is fiercely uneven, feeling like two different movies got drunk and had a sloppy love child that now no one wants.
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NYC Film Critic
March 31, 2011
An extended trailer masquerading as a feature film
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AV Club
March 31, 2011
Words like "smug," "derivative," and "shallow" could all be fairly applied to the film, but as a piece of late-night exploitation, it delivers the violence and nudity with the regularity of an IV drip, and some familiar faces in the cast help class it up.
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Hollywood Reporter
March 30, 2011
A brazenly efficient and articulate female assassin nearly worthy of a Tarantino or Coen Brothers movie sticks out from amidst the schlocky criminal muck of Cat Run, a self-consciously sleazy comic crime saga composed of facetious elements.
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Slant Magazine
April 04, 2011
The nicest thing to be said about Cat Run might be that it doesn't know what kind of movie it wants to become.
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Los Angeles Times
April 04, 2011
It's easy to feel sucked into some kind of time warp back to the heyday of late-'90s post-Tarantino crime thrillers, cut-rate knockoffs filled with casually cartoonish violence, quippy patter, overtly flash filmmaking and incongruous pop tunes.
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