Rose Tyler
Rose Marion Tyler was born to parents, Jackie and Pete, on 27th April 1987. After winning the bronze medal for gymnastics, she proved to be a teenage delinquent when she set fire to her gymnasium at her school. She fell in love with soon-to-be mechanic Mickey Smith, whom she dated for years until finally meeting a mysterious stranger who swept her ... Show more »
Rose Marion Tyler was born to parents, Jackie and Pete, on 27th April 1987. After winning the bronze medal for gymnastics, she proved to be a teenage delinquent when she set fire to her gymnasium at her school. She fell in love with soon-to-be mechanic Mickey Smith, whom she dated for years until finally meeting a mysterious stranger who swept her off her feet - the Doctor. After helping him destroy the Nestene Counsciousness after their invasion of London using living plastic, also known as Autons, she joined him in his time traveling 'Police Public Call Box', AKA The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). She helped him defeat many, many monsters, while getting her into dangerous situations, including being kidnapped. But through it all, the pair stuck together. Together with the Doctor and fellow companion Captain Jack Harkness, Rose was transmatted on board the Game Station by the entity known as the Controller and hidden within the game shows. The Doctor and Jack both escaped and rescued Rose, though she was 'disintegrated' before the rescue was complete. The 'disintigrator ray', however, was a secondary transmat beam that brought her aboard a Dalek spacecraft. When they realised this, the Doctor and Jack rescued her, materialising the TARDIS around her. The Doctor, Jack, and Rose set about defending the station and the planet from the oncoming Dalek invasion, though the Doctor tricked Rose into getting into the TARDIS so he could send her away to safety. Just as she was about to give up on getting back to him, Rose discovered that the words Bad Wolf were still following her, and that they were a message that there was, indeed, a way back to the Doctor. Encouraged, Rose managed to open the heart of the TARDIS and absorbed the energy of the Time Vortex. She became the Bad Wolf entity, and traveled forward to the year 200100, just as the Daleks were about to exterminate the Doctor, as they had already exterminated Jack and the other defenders of the Game Station. Seeing the words Bad Wolf in the station, she scattered them across time and space to be the message to herself to lead her to the appropriate place. She took the power of the Vortex and turned the Dalek fleet into atoms. She reached out to Jack's lifeless body and restored it to life. All this raw power within her brain was killing her, though, so the Doctor took the power of the Time Vortex out of Rose and into his own body. He was forced to regenerate for the 9th time into the 10th Doctor.Rose fell in love with this new new Doctor even more so than his predecessor. They defeated the Cybermen on a parallel world, where Mickey chose to stay, as well as meeting Queen Victoria in episode two of series 2. The Doctor, Rose and Mickey also met The Doctor's old companion Sarah Jane Smith along with K9. But the season two finale came to a tear-jerking conclusion when the Doctor's greatest enemies' came out in force once again, The combined power of the Cybermen and the Daleks' battling saw Rose desperate to return to the Doctor, after being forced onto a parallel world. She returned to her beloved Time Lord, but at the last hurdle of defeating the Daleks' and Cybermen once again, she lost the fight and couldn't hold on to the lever that was finishing off her enemies', thus nearly killing her, if not for her father, Pete, who took her back to the parallel world. The walls closed, the breach was sealed, the Doctor was alone, and when he managed to burn up the sun to say goodbye to her, the transmission was cut-short, leaving his final words to her a mystery (with many fans speculating he was about to confess his love for her). Rose was trapped on the parallel world forever, along with mum, Jackie, dad Pete and boyfriend Mickey. The Doctor was lonely again - the Last of the Time Lords. Even though he had lost Rose, the Doctor did not forget her. Her name, he said, keeps me fighting .Rose found a job in the parallel world working for that world's version of the Torchwood Institute. Her role there involved the monitoring of timelines from across the various universes. She was involved in the development of what she described as the 'dimension cannon', a device designed to thrust a person between parallel realities. The project developed slowly until, all of a sudden without apparent reason, the device began working. At this time, Rose and the parallel Torchwood began to notice two strange phenomena: firstly, the stars started going out; and secondly; all the time-lines seemed to be converging around the person of Donna Noble, the Doctor's companion. Rose tried to use the dimension cannon to get in contact with the Doctor, but only managed a series of near misses: a brief encounter with Donna Noble and two transmissions, both missed by the Doctor.Rose was able to use the dimension cannon to jump into a parallel world created by Donna, being forced to change a small decision from her past that would have prevented her meeting the Doctor. In this parallel world, the Doctor died after his confrontation with the Racnoss (having been too grief-stricken at losing Rose to know when to stop). As a result, the parallel world began falling apart without the Doctor to save it. Rose liaised with that universe's UNIT to salvage the TARDIS from under the Thames. She made contact with Donna Noble, advising her to leave London over Christmas as the Max Capricorn spaceliner Titanic clipped Buckingham Palace while falling to Earth, triggering the Nuclear Storm Drive on the ship to obliterate the city. She knew that only Donna could wipe the fate of this universe and restore the proper timeline, though it would be at the cost of Donna's life. Donna succeeded in restoring the proper universe, and as she lay dying, Rose leaned over her to whisper a message for Donna to give the Doctor when the proper universe was restored: Bad Wolf. As Donna repeated this phrase to the Doctor, the words manifested across the planet of Shan Shen, which the Doctor and Donna were then visiting. The Doctor realised that the walls of the universes must be collapsing, and this signaled the end of the universe.Rose finally managed to jump back to her home universe after this, as the new Dalek Empire pulled the Earth from its original orbit into the Medusa Cascade. She located Donna's family to try and use them as a means back to the Doctor, though he and Donna were stuck back where Earth once had been. Rose, Wilf, and Sylvia intercepted former prime minister Harriet Jones's subwave network, linking herself with Jack Harkness at Torchwood as well as Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones at their respective homes. Unable to actively communicate with the group, Rose watched on as the Doctor's secret army used their combined resources to lead the Doctor back to Earth. She locked onto the TARDIS and teleported away to meet it. Before she and the Doctor could be reunited, the Doctor was shot by a patrolling Dalek. Retreating into the TARDIS with Donna and Jack, Rose watched, grief-stricken, as the Doctor began to regenerate again. Nevertheless, the Doctor was able to use his disembodied hand to stave off a full regeneration. Rose finally was able to reunite with the Doctor properly, though even as she hugged him, the Daleks locked the TARDIS in a temporal prison and pulled it on board their space station, the Crucible. The Doctor and Rose were taken prisoner and sent to the Vault, where they were taunted by Davros. They could only watch as the Doctor's other companions launched a series of attempts to defeat the Daleks. Martha, Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey, and Jackie were all taken prisoner and locked in the vault with the Doctor and Rose. They were rescued by Donna and a facsimile copy of the Doctor. Rose and the assembled companions combined to pilot the TARDIS at full strength, towing the Earth across space to its proper location.The Earth restored, the Doctor began sending his companions back home. Landing back at Bad Wolf Bay in the parallel universe, the Doctor left Rose there with the facsimile of himself. He explained to her that this new version of himself had committed genocide to defeat the Daleks, and was thus too dangerous to leave on his own. He said to her that she had made him a better person, and that he needed her to do the same for the facsimile Doctor. The new Doctor, being created from a human-Time Lord metacrisis, only had one heart and one lifetime, meaning that while he retained the Doctor's mind and image, he would age and die as a human. The human part of this Doctor allowed him to whisper the words to Rose that the fully Time Lord version of himself never could. When Rose heard the facsimile Doctor say the words the full Time Lord version of himself could never say she kissed him deeply. As the TARDIS dematerialised from Rose's life for the last time, she stood on the beach, hand-in-hand with a version of the Doctor who could live the life with her, day by day. Rose Tyler is a fictional character portrayed by Billie Piper in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, and was created by series producer Russell T Davies. With the revival of Doctor Who in 2005, Rose was introduced as a new traveling companion of series protagonist the Doctor, in his ninth and tenth incarnations. Rose is introduced in the eponymous series one premiere as a 19-year-old working class shop assistant from London, alongside her own supporting cast in the form of her mother Jackie Tyler and her boyfriend Mickey Smith. Rose grows increasingly trusting of the new Doctor and comes to realize she has fallen in love with him. Show less «

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