LIEUTENANT (JUNIOR GRADE), afterwards LIEUTENANT, afterwards LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, afterwards AMBASSADOR WORF, SON OF MOGH (Michael Dorn) had an illustrious career in the Starfleet Service, briefly in the service of the Houses of Gowron and Martok, and at last in the Federation Diplomatic Corps. He knew triumph and tragedy in roughly equal amounts ... Show more »
LIEUTENANT (JUNIOR GRADE), afterwards LIEUTENANT, afterwards LIEUTENANT COMMANDER, afterwards AMBASSADOR WORF, SON OF MOGH (Michael Dorn) had an illustrious career in the Starfleet Service, briefly in the service of the Houses of Gowron and Martok, and at last in the Federation Diplomatic Corps. He knew triumph and tragedy in roughly equal amounts during his career and life. He helped make a Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, only to have to kill him for the good of that same Empire. After the successful conclusion of the War with the Gamma Quadrant Dominion, he retired to Q'onoS as the Federation's permanent Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. Contents [hideshow] 1. Background 2. Enterprise 3. Deep Space Nine Background Worf was born in 2340 on Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld. He is the son of Mogh, who had his own noble house. Sadly, that house would pass to oblivion.Mogh and his wife accepted duty on Khitomer, a world in a system that lies where the borders of three great stellar empires intersect: the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets. In 2346, Romulans raided Khitomer. As every Klingon learns in school, the Battle of Khitomer almost ended disastrously for the Klingons. Mogh, father of Worf, and Mogh's wife were both killed in that action. Only the brave and sacrificial intervention of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C saved the Klingon population from total annihilation. (In fact, in a timeline that has Enterprise-C seeming to desert the action, the Romulans wipe out the Klingon colony. The Klingons then go to war with the Federation. But the return of Enterprise-C to the original battlefield and time collapses that timeline.)Mogh later took wrongful blame when the House of Durass trumped up evidence accusing Mogh of treason in that affair. Worf would only later have a chance to vindicate his family name.Two human farmers, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko on the farming colony of Gault, took Worf in. They raised him together with their son Nikolai. The family later moved to Earth.When he was 13, Worf accidentally broke the neck of a boy while playing soccer, leading to his death a day later. The guilt over this experience shaped him and taught him restraint among humans.In 2366, Worf would learn he has a younger brother, Kurn, who was adopted by a Klingon family and has become a Commander in the Klingon Empire.Worf performed the Klingon Rite of Ascension as a 15-year-old on Qo'noS. He became a formidable fighter and would engage in honorable Klingon combat many times. Despite that, the clannish society on Qo'noS would give Worf no place. So Worf did what no Klingon had ever done before: he entered Starfleet Academy. He could only have done that after the successful negotiation of the Khitomer Accords by that great Federation Ambassador, Curzon Dax.Enterprise He graduated with no small honor, and won a posting to the most prestigious command in Starfleet at the time: USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. His first assignment: relief con and tactical officer. After the death of Lieutenant Tasha Yar, the security officer, Worf succeeded to her position on board. In all, he served aboard Enterprise-D for seven years. In his fifth year of service aboard Enterprise, he would meet Kurn, and try to redeem his family name. His first attempt ended in failure, when he had to take one for the team, said team being the House of Gowron against the House of Durass. But then the old Chancellor died--and none other than Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Worf's CO, would find himself appointed Arbiter of Succession. Picard chose Gowron--but Worf had to resign temporarily from Starfleet so he could join the forces of the House of Gowron in their civil war against the House of Durass. (Gowron and his forces succeeded only because Picard, commanding a rag-tag fleet of largely under-repair ships, enforced a blockade at the Romulan border and cut the supply line of the House of Durass.)Then Enterprise-D was lost in the Battle of the Ribbon. As Starfleet prepared to build another USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E), Worf went on furlough.Deep Space Nine Two years before that disastrous battle, the Bajoran Militia managed to liberate their world and to occupy the Cardassian orbital ore-processing station, Tirak Nor. Commander Benjamin Sisko would take over Tirak Nor, which Starfleet renamed Star Base Deep Space Nine. The Bajorans at first did not appreciate a Federation presence essentially taking over for a Cardassian one. But the discovery of the Gamma Quadrant Wormhole would prompt a relocation of Deep Space Nine out of the orbit of Bajor and into a position to guard the wormhole.That, in turn, would lead to first contact with The Dominion, a force more powerful than any that Klingon, Romulan, or Federal species had ever encountered. Inevitably the Klingons would leap into the fray, when the Cardassians had the bad sense to co-operate with the Dominion. Then-Captain Sisko would then apply a maxim he in fact learned from Curzon Dax: the only people who can handle Klingons, are Klingons. Accordingly, Starfleet sent Worf to Deep Space Nine to assist Sisko when an armada of Klingon ships used the station as a staging point in an attempt to strike a blow against the Dominion. When the Cardassians joined the Dominion openly, the Klingons went to war. Worf stayed on as strategic operations officer, responsible for all Starfleet activity within the Bajoran sector.Worf values honor and loyalty above all else. He is often torn between his human upbringing and his Klingon culture, as evidenced by the traditional Klingon baldrics he wears over his Starfleet uniform. When push comes to shove, he usually takes the more reasoned path, although there are some times it takes great effort for him to sublimate his Klingon urges. He retains deep respect for Klingon tradition and culture, although he was not raised in it.He can be surprisingly gentle and claims to have a sense of humor, although it is not often on display.He has a son, Alexander Rozhenko, with the half-human, half-Klingon Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr.On the Enterprise, he engages in a romantic relationship with the ship's counselor Deanna Troi, threatening his friendship with her ex, Commander Riker. On DS9, Worf initially becomes friends with Jadzia Dax because of her previous host Curzan's love of Klingon culture. The friendship evolves over time with Worf and Jadzia marrying in 2374.Despite his human upbringing, Worf still loves things from home like Blood Pie. He is also a fan of prune juice. He enjoys singing Klingon operas, although he is shy about it. Show less «