Spock was born in 2230, in the city of Shi'Kahr on the planet Vulcan. His father is well-known Vulcan ambassador Sarek and his mother is Amanda Grayson, a human teacher. Serving as an outstanding Starfleet officer for decades and later as an ambassador, Spock was probably the most famous Vulcan-Human hybrid in history.During his childhood, Spo... Show more »
Spock was born in 2230, in the city of Shi'Kahr on the planet Vulcan. His father is well-known Vulcan ambassador Sarek and his mother is Amanda Grayson, a human teacher. Serving as an outstanding Starfleet officer for decades and later as an ambassador, Spock was probably the most famous Vulcan-Human hybrid in history.During his childhood, Spock was often teased by other children for being not fully-Vulcan . He often sought his mother's care and advise in those days. He had a pet Sehlat called I'Chaya. At the age of seven, Spock took the Kash'Wah ordeal in the desert. During this test of survival, his life was saved by a mysterious cousin of his named Selek (who was, in fact, his future self from 2269). Later that year he was mentally bonded with T'Pring, whom he was supposed to have married during his first and only recorded Pon Farr , a physiological mating urge that affects adult Vulcans approximately every seven years.When Spock returned to Vulcan upon his first Pon Farr fever in 2267, T'Pring chose the Kah-li-fee or Challenge, forcing Spock to fight for her with a champion of her choosing. She chose Captain Kirk as her champion. Wary of appearing weak in front of T'Pau, a high ranking Vulcan leader, Kirk accepted the challenge not knowing that the fight was to the death. After the first bout, McCoy was granted permission from T'Pau to administer an injection to Kirk to compensate for the Vulcan thin air. After winning the combat by killing his captain, Spock came out of the Pon Farr and released T'Pring from her betrothal to him. Believing that he had killed his captain and his friend, Spock was prepared to surrender command of the Enterprise to Scotty and submit himself to the authorities for murder only to find that Kirk was still alive as McCoy had given him a neural inhibitor that only simulated death.Spock got into an argument with his father when he chose the career of Starfleet service instead of the Vulcan Science Academy. The two did not speak with each other for eighteen years afterward. Spock graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2251. As a young lieutenant he served as science officer on board the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701) under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. In 2254 he was a witness of Pike's capture by the inhabitants of Talos IV.He was promoted to first officer when Captain James T. Kirk took command of the vessel in 2265. He served in that role during Kirk's legendary five-year mission (2265-2270). During this mission the Kirk-Spock-McCoy trio formed their legendary friendship. Spock often served as the logical, cerebral side of Kirk opposing the emotional Dr. McCoy.After the end of the five-year mission Spock underwent the Kolinahr training on Vulcan, to achieve total emotional supression. He nearly succeeded but for the fact that he was suddenly in mental contact with a powerful intellect several light years away which stirred some emotions within him just as he was to receive the Kolinahr medallion. He returned to the Enterprise in 2273 when it confronted the V'ger entity.Spock was eventually promoted to Captain and, under supervision at Starfleet Academy of one Admiral James T. Kirk, trained new junior officers.On a training mission that turned into a real mission under Admiral Kirk in 2285 they went in search of the fate of the top secret Genesis Device and came under fire from old nemesis Khan, a late 20th century superhuman warrior from old Earth, a product of eugenics. While trying to save the Enterprise, Spock took a lethal dose of radiation and died. While his body was laid to rest on the Genesis Planet created by Khan's use of the device, Spock's katra , essentially his mind and soul, was transferred into Doctor McCoy who was later arrested in an attempt to get to the forbidden Genesis Planet. Kirk and crew spring McCoy and illegally head to the Genesis Planet in a stolen Enterprise to find a regenerated Spock and angry Klingons who like to shoot at them.The crew dispenses the Klingons, rescues Spock and takes him home to Vulcan where his Mother and family attempt to re-integrate his McCoy-carried katra into his newly regenerated body.In 2286 Spock, while still not whole, joins with the Enterprise crew in their stolen Klingon ship and returns to Earth for a court martial trial only to find the Earth under attack by a probe that is looking for extinct humpback whales. The crew go back in time and attempt to bring back a pair of whales to stop the probe's assault.Spock and the Enterprise crew have further adventures on board the USS Enterprise-A. In 2287 Spock's brother steals the ship in search of God in the mysterious planet Sha Ka Ree. In 2293 Spock played a pivotal role in the peace negotiations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. The same year the Enterprise was decommissioned. Eventually Spock left Starfleet to become a Vulcan Ambassador where he eventually makes contact with Romulan cousins and travels to Romulus to educate and possibly re-integrate Romulus into the Vulcan state of being. Here (in 2368) he meets up with future Enterprise Captain Jean-Luc Picard, second officer Data Soong and Romulan functionary, Sela, daughter of Starfleet officer Lt. Tasha Yar on Romulus.In 2387, Spock was called upon to help save Romulus from their exploding star with a substance called red matter . The red matter, when detonated, creates a short-lived black hole and was to be injected into the super nova to cancel out the event. However, Spock miscalculated and Romulus was destroyed by the super nova before he could arrive. As a result of this, a surviving Romulan named Nero took on a personal mission against Spock, whom he blamed as the one who destroyed Romulus. Nero's interference causes both his ship, the Narada, and Spock's vessel to get pulled into the black hole, transporting them both back in time. Nero arrives in the year 2233 while Spock arrives in 2258. This event creates an alternate universe.In the new alternate universe, Spock's childhood remains the same. However, he meets Uhura, a student of his, at the Academy and begins a relationship with her. He also meets James Kirk, also a student, and at first the two clash. Spock temporarily gains command of the USS Enterprise after Captain Pike is captured by Nero, who still is waging his personal war against Spock and the Federation. However, he loses that command after the death of his mother and the destruction of his home planet renders him emotionally compromised. He goes on to assist James Kirk in defeating Nero and, when Kirk becomes captain of the Enterprise, he becomes Kirk's first officer. Show less «