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Michael Myers was raised in the small, mid-west town of Haddonfield, Illinois. At age 6 (in the original film) Michael murdered his oldest sister, Judith, on Halloween night. It was always unknown why he killed her; or why he spared his baby sister... After being locked up in Smith's Grove Mental Hospital, Michael escapes on October 30 and hea... Show more »
Michael Myers was raised in the small, mid-west town of Haddonfield, Illinois. At age 6 (in the original film) Michael murdered his oldest sister, Judith, on Halloween night. It was always unknown why he killed her; or why he spared his baby sister... After being locked up in Smith's Grove Mental Hospital, Michael escapes on October 30 and heads home to Haddonfield. At least, that's where his psychologist, Dr. Sam Loomis, assumes he is going. Michael, who is now 21, returns home and bides his time. That night he tracks down his baby sister, Laurie Strode (who has been adopted and is oblivious to her violent roots) and proceeds to murder two of her friends. He pursues her that entire night (which continues on in Halloween II), but fails to kill her. Over the next twenty-four years, Michael kills and kills, believing that his sister Laurie died in a car accident. He even kills his niece, any person who is attached the Myers/Strode families, and anyone who stands in his way. He finally realizes Laurie isn't dead and catches up with her on the twentieth anniversary of their original encounter (Halloween: H20). Laurie escapes that event under the impression she's finished her brother...until four years later, when he catches up with and kills her. It is unknown what became of Michael after Halloween: Resurrection.Michael Myers is a fictional character from the Halloween film series. The character has appeared in eight of the nine Halloween films, as well as in several comic books and other media forms.One of the first slasher villains, his murders occur on Halloween, with some films depicting him active in the preceding day or so, targeting family members, but willing to kill everyone that comes in his way. Michael Myers is absent from Halloween III: Season of the Witch, although he makes a small appearance on a TV screen at a bar that the main character goes to.Some fans and even cast and crew of the films sometime call the character The Shape, which is what some of the actors playing the character are credited as. This dates back to the script for the first film in which Michael Myers is referred to by name only twice, in the beginning and end scenes; at all other times, with the exception of dialogue, he is simply referred to as a shape due to his face not being visible.Michael Myers was born October 19th, 1957 to Ron and Edith Myers. He had One much older sister, Judith, who was 17 and a younger sister named Laurie who was 4 years younger. Michael was raised in an apparently normal upbringing in the small suburban town of Haddonfield, IL. He lived in the house at 35 Lampkin Lane. On October 31st, 1963, the day started out normal. Everyone was preparing for the excitement of Halloween and to forget about the chaos erupting all over the world. Michael dressed as a clown for his First Grade costume contest. The day went smoothly. However, Michael had not been communicating with anyone for the past 6 months. He was practically a mute, much to the worry of his parents and principal. Once Michael gets home, he cradles his baby sister, Laurie, in his arms while wearing his clown mask. Soon after Michael goes out trick or treating, while his parents attend the evening showing of Alfred Hitchcock's ''Psycho''. He goes to his own home with a group of kids ,banging on the door. Judith answers the door with a large candy bag. She places a small handful in each child's bag. Michael spies her boyfriend Steve wiping his face quickly, trying to cover the fact that they were kissing. This infuriates Michael. Judith reminds them that after he's done trick-or-treating to go across the street to the Blankenship's, the boarding house across the street. She repeatedly says his name. Michael tells her he's not Michael anymore: He's a clown. 30 minutes later, He sneaks away from the boarding house and silently stalks Judith and Steve making out on the couch. Steve takes Michael's mask, which is on the floor after Michael left it there before he went to the boarding house to drop off his candy. The went upstairs and the light went on. Michael went into the house and into the kitchen. He then opens the drawer and grabs a large, sharp kitchen knife. He goes upstairs. The clock chimes 10:00 and Steve comes rushing down the stairs. Steve promised that he would call her tomorrow. Unfortunately, there would be no tomorrow for Judith Myers. Michael stalks his way up the stairs and puts his clown mask on, which he found lying in his room. He sneaks up on his naked older sister who slowly combs her hair, humming. Before she can do anything, Michael viciously attacks Judith, stabbing her repeatedly until she is dead. Almost immediately after, his parents pull up to the house. They find Michael standing there, knife in hand and covered in blood. Ron pulls the mask off of Michael's head. He stares blankly into space, as if nothing happened. Fifteen years later, Michael hijacks the car meant for his court transfer. The car is driven by Loomis's medical colleague and assistant nurse, Marion Chambers. After attempting to attack Marion, Michael gets into the car and drives away quickly. His destination is his hometown of Haddonfield. When the sun rises, he pulls over, kills a tow truck driver, and then steals his clothes. He has, however, dropped a book of matches, originally belonging to Chambers, giving Loomis the vital clue that he has indeed been there.On the following day, October 31, Michael returns to his childhood home, which is now vacant, run-down, and on the market under Strode Realty. Moments later, he hears voices and investigates, thus finding his target. He follows the young woman, Laurie Strode, while she is in school, while she walks home from school, and when she baby-sits in another neighborhood with her friend, Annie Brackett. Laurie is babysitting for Tommy Doyle while Annie watches Lindsey Wallace. Later that night, Annie receives a telephone call from her boyfriend, Paul, explaining that he needs to be picked up. Lindsey is soon thereafter taken across the street to continue watching The Thing from Another World with Tommy and Laurie. When Annie gets to her car, she discovers it is locked, and returns to the house to get her keys. Annie then returns to the car, failing to notice that the door is now unlocked. After getting inside, she notices that the windshield is fogged over. As she puzzled over this, Michael emerges from the backseat and strangles her. Michael then slits her throat and carries her back inside the house.Later on, Annie's other friend, Lynda, and her boyfriend, Bob, show up at the Wallace residence, where they have sex in the empty house. Afterwards, Bob goes downstairs for beer and discovers the back door hanging open. Thinking it a prank by Annie and Paul, he searches the kitchen, only to find Michael hiding inside the closet. Michael lifts Bob up by the throat and then stabs him through the chest, pinning him to the wall, mysteriously staring at him, tilting his head back and forth. He then puts a sheet over himself and places Bob's glasses on top of the sheet. After creeping up the stairs, he approaches Lynda, who believes he is Bob playing a practical joke. She attempts to call Laurie, just as Michael makes his move. He violently strangles Lynda with the phone cord. Once she dies, he props the bodies of the three deceased teenagers in the upstairs bedroom.After receiving the strange call from Lynda, Laurie decides to go across the street and investigate. When she arrives, she thinks her friends are playing pranks on her. To her horror, she discovers the gruesome display of her brother's victims and her sister's headstone. When Michael is within reach of Laurie, he stabs her in the left shoulder and she falls down the stairs. Laurie flees and Michael pursues her. Once outside, Laurie attempts to gain attention from the neighbors, but they dismiss it as another Halloween prank. Laurie finally makes it back to the Doyles' house and is able to alert Tommy. He comes downstairs and lets her inside.Michael stalks her all the way to the Doyle residence. Once inside, Laurie notices one of the side windows is missing. They fight each other in the house, and Laurie eventually stabs him in the neck with a knitting needle, then runs upstairs to hide in the closet. Michael then comes up to the room and finds her hiding. He then breaks the door down and tries to kill her there, but she stabs him in the eye with a hanger. Thinking he is dead, Laurie then instructs Tommy and Lindsey to call the police from a neighbor's house. After they flee off, Michael rises once again and follows Laurie, now attempting to strangle her. She fights back and pulls off his mask. Michael's face is revealed. Meanwhile, Loomis, who has been on his patient's path the whole day, appears in time and shoots Michael six times at point-blank range. Michael then falls from the second-story balcony. Despite his seemingly fatal injuries, he is nowhere to be found on the lawn when Loomis looks just moments later.The film opens with a recap of the ending of the first film. After Michael's escape, Loomis begins a mad hunt while Laurie is taken to the hosptial. Michael tracks his sister to Haddonfield Memorial where he begins killing the hospital staff in his continued stalking of Laurie. During Loomis's search, he is ordered to return to Smith's Grove by nurse Marion Chambers(from the first film), under the escort of a U.S. Marshall. But upon learning the connection between Laurie and Michael, he heads to the hospital to protect Laurie. In a final showdown Loomis, shoots Michael about 7 more times, before Myers kills the U.S, Marshall back to Smith's Grove gives his life to destroy Michael once and for all. Loomis and Laurie take refuge in an operating room, with Michael right behind them. He shatters a large door, and Loomis gives Laurie a revolver to defend herself. Michael stabs Loomis and goes after Laurie. She shoots him twice, seriously injuring his eyes. Loomis, still alive fills the room with oxygen to draw him away from Laurie and proceeds to ignite a lighter, which causes a violent explosion. Laurie barely escapes and Michael initially seems to survive, although engulfed in flames, attempts to come for Laurie but then falls to the floor and is assumed dead.It is 1988. It has been 10 years since Michael Myers' killing spree that claimed the lives of 15 people. Michael who survived the ending of Halloween 2, is seen bandaged and comatose in Ridgemont Sanitarium. On October 30, he is transferred to Smith's Grove, but during the transfer, Michael overhears that he has a niece, Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris), living in Haddonfield and wakes up and escapes.Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence), who managed to survive the explosion at the end of Halloween II with major burns on his face and hands, hears about the transfer and Michael's subsequent escape. Despite skeptical reactions, Loomis knows that Michael is heading back to Haddonfield again to seek his niece. Along the way, Loomis stops off along a roadside gas station and cafe where he encounters Michael inside. Loomis tries to lure him out of going to Haddonfield, but ends up shooting at him. Michael evades him and proceeds to steal a tow truck and escape, nearly running over Loomis in the process.Michael's niece, Jamie Lloyd, has been living with a surrogate family after her mother Laurie Strode was killed in a car accident three years after the 1978 killing spree depicted in the first two films. She has been having nightmares and even teased at school because of her uncle. The two meet for the first time while Jamie is shopping for a costume as Michael steals a white mask similar to the one he stole in 1978, though she escapes the encounter only frightened.Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis arrives into town to warn the current sheriff, Ben Meeker, about the impending danger of Michael's arrival. The sheriff agrees to help Loomis find Jamie before Michael finds her. They find Jamie and Rachel in the streets of Haddonfield, deserted due to an emergency curfew. The sheriff and Loomis take them to the police station only to find Michael had been there and slaughtered all the officers in the building. In their absence, Loomis riles up several townsfolk to help them hunt down Michael.When Jamie, Rachel, Loomis and the sheriff arrive at the Meeker house, they barricade themselves inside while awaiting the arrival of the state police. The sheriff leaves, shortly followed by Loomis, leaving only a single officer to guard them. However, Michael has managed to get inside the house, killing the officer, and stalks Jamie and Rachel. When Jamie escapes, Loomis takes her to the school where Michael has followed them, injurying Loomis. After Jamie is rescued by Rachel, the mob of townsfolk arrive and take Jamie and Rachel out of town. However, Michael has hidden under the truck they are in, and proceeds to take out the men, including the driver. Rachel gets behind the wheel and knocks Michael off into a mining field. There Meeker arrives along with some of the townsfolk and state troopers where they all shoot Michael repeatedly, causing him to fall down an abandoned mineshaft where he is presumed dead.Jamie and Rachel return home, but shortly afterwards, Jamie stabs her foster mother, and is found holding a pair of bloody scissors while wearing the clown costume she had picked out for Halloween, an image clearly inspired by the opening scene in John Carpenter's original Halloween of a young Michael after having just stabbed his own sister.After Michael fell down the mine shaft, the state troopers tossed dynamite down the mine to make sure that Michael would die. But Michael somehow found his way out and crawled out in time. After floating downriver, he spotted a hermit's house in the nearby woods and passed out as he tried to strangle him. The hermit then nursed him back to health, but on Halloween 1989, Michael awakened, killed the hermit, and continued his insatiable quest to kill his niece.Jamie, now in a mute state, has been put under doctor's care at a psychiatric home. She had been having nightmares since the events of part 4 and apparently, now shared some sort of telepathic link with her uncle; she knew exactly when and where he would strike next. This first explains the power of THORN . Michael snuck into Rachel's house, eventually killing her. Michael then killed off a group of teenagers (and two police officers) as he slowly built up to his main target, Jamie. Loomis, who was slowly losing his mind, used Jamie's connection with Michael to set a trap for him at his house. Myers disposed of the police and even wounded Loomis as he stalked Jamie. When Loomis tried to take Michael's knife away, Michael hesitated and slashed him. Jamie ran into the attic, where she found her dead sister Rachel, her dog Max and couple of other bodies. When he finally had the opportunity to kill Jamie, he suddenly stopped when she says Uncle? Afterwards, Jamie says Let me see . In a bizarre moment of humanity, Michael listened to his niece and eventually took off his mask, beginning to cry. When Jamie said Let me and tried to wipe away his tears, Michael recoiled in a rage and attacked his young niece again, lifting up the coffin and tossing it across the attic. He angrily stalked Jamie until he encountered Loomis, who caught Michael in a net of heavy chains, shot him with several tranquilizers and beat him into unconsciousness with a board from one of the broken windows.For the first time in the series, Michael was captured and imprisoned. A policeman tried to assure Jamie that her uncle would die in prison, to which Jamie responded, He never dies. A few minutes later, a mysterious stranger dressed in black blasted Michael out of jail, attacking and apparently killing the remaining police with an automatic weapon before explosively detonating Michael's cell door. Jamie then enters the prison and to her horror, finds signs of extreme violence and Michael's cell empty. It is revealed that Myers was saved by a secret cult of Druids that existed to worship and protect him. This same cult also kidnapped Jamie, who was now 15 and pregnant with a son. When she gives birth to her son, the cult leader, the man dressed in black, takes it to fulfill the cult's own purposes. Jamie was able to escape with her newborn baby thanks to the help of one of the doctors. Michael however murdered the doctor and pursued Jamie, murdering a truck driver in the process. Jamie eventually calls a Radio broadcast network in hopes of contacting Dr. Loomis through the Radio. This method proves effective, but it was too late to save Jamie from her murderous uncle. Loomis hears the radio broadcast along with Dr. Wynn who had arrived at Loomis's house to ask him to come back to Smith's Grove where he originally worked.Michael stalked and eventually killed Jamie by jamming her body into some farm equipment and then turning the machine on. Michael however, was unable to find where she hid the baby and goes back to Haddonfield to find the last of his bloodline. In his search for Jamie's baby, Michael began a new murder spree, targeting the new family that now occupies the serial killer's old house, the Strodes. Michael believes that anyone living in his house is his family and therefore will become his victims. Laurie Myers Strode's (Michael's deceased sister) adoptive Aunt and Uncle now reside in the house with a son. Kara, their daughter, and her son Danny, now live there until she graduates from college. Tommy Doyle, the child Laurie was babysitting in the first film, is now an adult and has been researching Michael, hoping to uncover the reason for his homicidal rage. In his search, he hears about Jamie and learns that she was at a bus station at the time she called the radio broadcast. There, he finds her baby, which he names Steven, and also meets Dr. Loomis. He tells Loomis about the Strode family that lives next to him and that they are in danger. Loomis later goes to the house to warn Kara's mother that Michael will return to the house as all his memories and rage are there. Though she believes him, Michael was already too close for her to escape.One by one, Michael begins slaughtering the family until only Kara and her son are left. Danny, in the meantime, had been experiencing odd occurrences that are connected to the man in black, the same man who released Michael from his prison and kidnapped Jamie. It is soon learned that Michael is nothing more than a puppet for an ancient evil that makes him stalk and kill family members. Tommy explains that an ancient organization called Thorn, named after one of the worst plagues to befall the world, has inflicted Michael with the Curse of Thorn to make him kill family members on the night of Samhain, Halloween. The cult believes that this must be done in order to restore balance to humanity and save the rest of the community from death and the plague of Thorn. The cult is responsible for impregnating Jamie to make Steven Michael's final sacrifice and then pass the curse to Danny Strode, who the Man in Black has been haunting, to make him the next one to bring balance to the world in the years to come.It is this curse that gives Michael his homicidal rage, strength, and immortality. The symbol of Thorn is also shown as a constellation of stars that appears on Halloween, whenever it appears Michael commits his murders. Loomis meets with Tommy as Michael's body count continues to rise. They save Kara and Steven from Michael only to be ambushed by the Thorn Cult. Here, it is learned that Dr. Wynn is actually the Man in Black and is the leader of the cult. They take Kara, Danny, and Steven, leaving Loomis and Tommy drugged. Loomis and Tommy go to Smith's Grove where Loomis learns from Tommy about The Curse of Thorn. Wynn is revealed to be Michael's guardian and he has an obligation to protect Michael at any cost, which is why he released Michael from his prison cell in the previous movie. This also hints that Wynn is the one who released Michael from Smith's Grove in the first film and was the one who taught him how to drive.Wynn wants Loomis to join them. Whatever the case, Michael kills Wynn along with other doctors in Smith's Grove. As Michael pursues his victims, Tommy stabs Michael with syringes and beats him into unconsciousness with a pipe.At the end of the movie, a loud scream was heard from inside the building in which Loomis and Myers were last seen in, and the mask of Michael Myers is found on the floor.Main article: Halloween H20Laurie Strode had faked her own death and changed her name to Keri Marie Tate. She became the Headmistress and a literature teacher at a respected secluded private school called Hillcrest Academy in fictional Summer Glen, California. Myers discovered her whereabouts on October 29, 1998 as he ransacked Nurse Marion's house and killed her and two other teenagers, back in Langdon, Illinois; however, after all these years, Laurie has visions , out of fear, of Michael (coming toward her, or seeing his reflection in a window). Her visions cause her to resist allowing her 17-year-old son John from attending a field trip to Yosemite, but she eventually breaks, feeling it would be good for him. Nevertheless, John and his friends have already made plans to stay on campus. He does not tell his mother. Michael comes to Hillcrest for Laurie and John. He sneaks past the guard at the entrance to the school. As this is happening, Laurie tells her boyfriend, Will, of her true identity and family history. It is then that she realizes that Michael attempted to kill her when she was 17, the same age as her son. Upon trying the phone and discovering it dead, she finds John's camping gear in the closet. She panicks and arms herself with a gun while Will watches. The security guard comes to warn Laurie of the mysterious car at the gate (Michael's car).Meanwhile Michael has killed John's friend and his girlfriend. John and his girlfriend run to get away from Michael as he chases after John trying to kill his girlfriend first, but fails in doing that. Once John saved his girlfriend, Michael stabs John in the thigh, but John and his girlfriend escape. As soon as the two kids meet up with Laurie and Will, Laurie sees Michael through the window, realizing her worst fears.Everyone is in the building, and Laurie tells the kids to hide in a closet. Then, Laurie and Will, see someone walking in the shadows, and Will shoots the figure. Upon closer inspection, they find it was the security guard. Then Michael comes in and stabs Will, lifting him off the ground. Laurie finds the kids, and gets in the car and goes to the front of the school. She tells them to leave the school. Once this happens, Laurie destroys the gate-opener, locking her and Michael in. She grabs the fireman's ax, and starts shouting, Michael , trying to lure him to her. Back in the school Michael and Laurie have a violent struggle. Laurie eventually stabs Michael several times, and sends him flying off a balcony into the cafeteria of the school. He lays there, seemingly dead, and Laurie prepares to stab him even more, when the security guard stops her saying, he's dead, he's dead .Police officers come, and everything seems to be okay. However, Laurie knows Michael's immortal nature . She takes the ax she had earlier, swipes a policeman's gun and orders paramedics to load Michael's body into a nearby van. She drives off, continuously checking to see if his body bag is moving. Once it does start moving and he gets out of the bag, Laurie suddenly stops the car, hurtling Michael through the windshield. Once he stands up, Laurie rams the van into him and sends the car down an off-road hill. She jumps out of the van, and the van, Michael, and her tumble down the hill, and Michael gets pinned between the van and a tree. Laurie walks over to him with the axe. Michael reaches out to her, and Laurie breaks out in tears, and goes to touch his hand. But before she touches his hand, she remembers his true nature, and decapitates her brother. Laurie Strode thought she had put an end to her evil brother once and for all. It turns out, while Michael was still in the Academy's dining hall, a Summer Glen paramedic came to inspect his motionless body. Just as he was about to unmask him, Michael arose and crushed the paramedic's larynx. Michael then switched clothes with the now-mute and unconscious paramedic. When Laurie hijacked the coroner's van, she believed her brother had been loaded in. After succeeding in crashing the van down a steep slope off a mountainous highway, Laurie beheaded the costumed and masked man, thinking it was Michael. But when it was discovered she killed an innocent man, she was arrested for homicide. Shortly afterward, Laurie was committed to the psychiatric care facility of Grace Andersen Sanitarium. Three years later, on the night of October 31, 2001, Michael eventually found his sister at the institution. He broke into the facility, tracked down Laurie, and chased her as she made her way to the rooftop. Ardent preparation was the only thing left for Laurie in her captivity. She had planned an ingenious trap for her brother's eventual return. When he did fall for the trap and was hanging upside-down, Laurie wanted to make certain Michael was the man behind the mask. As she proceeded to unmask him, Michael grabbed her left hand. Equipped with his knife in her right hand, Laurie tried to drive it into Michael's abdomen, while Michael tried to grab her right hand. The rope suspending Michael broke and the two siblings were pulled to the other side of the roof. Michael grabbed the ledge with Laurie hanging on, he then drove the knife into Laurie's abdomen all the way through her back. Laurie accepting her death, kissed the lips of her brother's mask and vowed that she would see him in Hell. Michael then released the knife, letting Laurie fall to her death. Coldly watching her as if admiring his handiwork, he knew that he had finally won.One year later on October 31, 2002, Michael was home in Haddonfield, living in a section of tunnels below his childhood house.The abandoned house itself was later being used as the setting for an Internet reality show by Dangertainment owner and operator Freddie Harris along with his girlfriend and colleague Nora Winston. Six college students, three from Haddonfield University, have won as contestants to spend Halloween night in the 'now-famous' residence.That night, Michael succeeded in killing five of the college students and two of its crew members. It ended when Freddie and the reserved college student, Sara Moyer managed to electrocute and burn Michael while the garage was engulfed with flames. Michael's body was thereafter taken to the morgue. As a female coroner was about to unmask his charred face, his eyelids open, showing that Myers is still alive.In 2007, 29 years of the original Halloween film came out, Rob Zombie, acclaimed musician and horror writer, took his love of th original film to create an extreme and unique vision on the classic 1978 tale. Zombie shows us the roots and upbringing of a young child named Michael Myers. The story/film begins at the Myers home, where a young Michael Myers (Daeg Faerch), wearing a clown mask, is petting his rat named Elvis, which Michael later kills. At the breakfast table, Michael is taunted and insulted by his mother's obnoxious slacker boyfriend Ronnie White(William Forsythe). Later that day at school, two bullies mock and fight Michael after taunting the boy about his sister Judith (by portraying her as a slut) and showing him a flier showing Michael's mother Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie), who is a star at a strip club. Deborah is called to the office where the school tells her that the mutilated bodies of several animals were found in Michael's locker, along with photos of Michael torturing them. Deborah is introduced to Dr. Samuel Loomis (Malcolm McDowell), who advises her to get professional help for her son for the torturing may be early signs psychotic behavior. Meanwhile Michael runs away. Wesley Rhoades (Daryl Sabara), one of the bullies who mocked Michael, takes a short-cut home through the woods, where Michael ambushes and beats him relentlessly with a tree branch, wearing his clown mask. Despite Wesley's desperate pleas for mercy, Michael proceeds to viciously finish his kill. Later that Halloween night, Judith (Hanna R. Hall) neglects taking him trick-or-treating because her boyfriend Steven Haley (Adam Weisman) comes over, so Michael goes alone. But when Michael gets back, he brutally murders Ronnie with a knife (duct-taped to his chair and slitted his throat), Steve with an aluminum bat (whacked him to death), and finally Judith (stabs her with a knife 17 times) while wearing Steve's William Shatner mask. But he spares his younger sister Laurie. Deborah Myers arrives home and finds Michael outside, covered in a little blood and with Laurie in his arms. Afterwards, Michael is taken into police custody. Eleven months later, Michael is sent to a mental institution where Dr. Loomis tries to help him, but Michael claims to not remember any of the killings. Michael's mother comes to visit him every week. Michael slowly becomes repressed from the confinement, speaking less and less, and wearing homemade masks at all times. While at lunch with Dr. Loomis and his mother, Michael refuses to eat, move or respond, his mother presents him with a picture of himself and his younger sister. Later when Dr. Loomis and his mother leave, Michael kills his nurse (Sybil Danning) with a fork for touching a photo of him and his little sister (in one of the workprints, the nurse insults Michael by looking at the photograph and saying, Cute baby... couldn't be related to you. ). An alarm sounds and guards, followed closely by Deborah Myers and Dr. Loomis, rush into the room to restrain Michael, who becomes feral when they remove his mask. Later at the Myers home, Deborah cries while watching old films of her and Michael. Unable to stand what her son has become any longer, she kills herself, leaving baby Laurie screaming in the house. Fifteen years later, Dr. Loomis, who has since written a book about his unsuccessful treatment of Michael, titled The Devil's Eyes, is forced to resign from the hospital staff. That night, Michael is to be transferred to a new cell, but escapes, killing several guards including one who had befriended Michael since his incarceration (Danny Trejo). Michael goes to a truck station and confronts trucker Big Joe Grizzley. Grizzley taunts Michael for facing him before he is rushed into a bathroom stall and killed with his own knife, and Michael steals his boilersuit. Loomis is called and informed that Michael has escaped, and knows immediately that Michael will return to Haddonfield. Michael does indeed travel to his old home and retrieves his knife, and an old mask his sister's boyfriend was wearing from underneath the floorboards where he evidently hid them. He then hears Laurie Strode outside bringing a key to the front door to his old home. It is here he figures out that Laurie is his younger sister-the one he's looking for. The story shifts to Michael stalking his sister Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton), who was adopted by the Strode family. On Halloween night, Michael managed to successfully kill Laurie's adoptive parents, Lynda van der Klok (Kristina Klebe), her two best friends' boyfriends (Max Van Ville and Nick Mennell), and mortally wound Annie Brackett (Danielle Harris). Near the end of the film, Laurie is taken off to the Myers' abandoned house where he shows her a picture given to him earlier in the film. She then buys some time and talks to him only to stab him with his knife and flees. As she flees, she falls into an empty swimming pool. As Michael approaches to finish her off, Loomis appears and shoots him down. He takes Laurie into his car and she utters the classic Was that the Boogie Man? line and he says Yes. I believe it was before Michael punches through the window and drags her out. Loomis convinces Michael to spare Laurie, taking the blame for Michael's mental state, claiming he failed Michael. Michael then lets go of Laurie and attacks Loomis. Laurie runs into the house and hides in a closet. Michael succeeds in killing Dr. Loomis by crushing his skull. Michael then walks into the house searching for Laurie. She gets out of the closet in the nick of time and hides in the attic. Michael hears her, grabs a 2x4, and starts smashing through the ceiling. Laurie eventually falls out in the center of a room. Michael walks in and drops the 2x4. He charges her and they both fall out of the window and off the balcony. Laurie wakes up finding herself lying on top of Michael. Next to him lies Loomis's gun. She grabs it and tries to shoot it but the cartridges are empty. Just then Michael grabs Laurie's wrist and Laurie pulls the trigger and shoots Michael in the head. She starts screaming in terror of what she had done to her older brother and the scene ends with the credits which show home videos of Michael and his family as a child. Show less «

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