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    Available from: 15-03-2019
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    Available from: 15-03-2019
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    Available from: 15-03-2019
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    Available from: 15-03-2019
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    Available from: 15-03-2019
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    Available from: 15-03-2019


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Turn Up Charlie - Season 1

This series offers more of the drama we live in differently with a beginner DJ who tries repeatedly to reconstruct his musical career for which he has been working for a long time. Now, it seems that Charlie is experiencing a strong experience of conflict, especially when he finds himself caring for the daughter of his 11-year-old friend. On the other hand, Charlie receives a new job offer by a successful friend, which may turn things around completely.
Duration: 30 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2019
IMDb: 7.1
Keywords:  #Frankie Hervey #Idris Elba #Rina Sawayama #Season 1 #Turn Up Charlie
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Actors Of "Turn Up Charlie - Season 1"
Critics Of "Turn Up Charlie - Season 1"
March 05, 2019
It's frustrating to see an artist with such ambition settle for something so elementary. It's harmless, sure, but it's also inconsequential and unkempt.
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NOW Toronto
March 12, 2019
If Turn Up Charlie never fully catches fire, exactly, it crackles along quite pleasantly - evolving, over the course of eight episodes, into something a lot more tangled and interesting than its initial premise suggests.
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Financial Times
March 08, 2019
Idris, a keen DJ himself under the name Driis, milks much humour from Charlie's "old man" persona in the digital playground of modern beats.
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Rolling Stone
March 14, 2019
Elba has a nice rapport with all of his co-stars, Hervey in particular, but the whole thing just left me wanting to see Elba demonstrate his chops in a better-written comedy.
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Boston Herald
March 13, 2019
Turn Up Charlie does a fantastic job of winding up self-centered twits into tossing epic fits and snits. If only it expended as much effort on making things, you know, funny.
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San Francisco Chronicle
March 14, 2019
Turn Up Charlie plays like an engrossing screwball battle of wits between the DJ and his 12-year-old charge, a cruel Gen Z spawn from Hell played by an extraordinary child newcomer, Frankie Hervey.
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March 14, 2019
Unfortunately, this series really contains two mismatched shows that cannibalize each other and take down the whole ship.
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The Ringer
March 14, 2019
The only consistent pleasure of Turn Up Charlie is, most likely, the only reason you gave this show a shot in the first place: the copious footage of Idris Elba DJing...
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Washington Post
March 14, 2019
Though it can be binge-watched painlessly enough,... Turn Up Charlie is such a disassembled example of a "Welcome to my world" TV show that it ought to come with its own Allen wrench.
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Daily Telegraph (UK)
March 14, 2019
The frankly painful new series - it can't decide if it's a sitcom, comedy-drama or children's soap.
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