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Altered Carbon - Season 1

In the distant future, human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded into different bodies. The story follows specially trained 'Envoy' soldier Takeshi Kovacs, who is downloaded from an off-world prison and into the body of a disgraced cop at the behest of Laurens Bancroft, a highly influential aristocrat.
Duration: 60 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
IMDb: 8.0
Keywords:  #Altered Carbon - Season 1 #Antonio Marziale #Chris Conner #Hiro Kanagawa #Peter Hoar #Uta Briesewitz
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Critics Of "Altered Carbon - Season 1"
February 01, 2018
The sheer amount of imagining, both borrowed and original, accumulates into a vast, dirty world and gives Altered Carbon the feel of a proper cyberpunk novel: big, baggy, ambitious, trashy, funny, gruesome, clever, cheesy, and hyperactive.
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Daily Record (UK)
February 01, 2018
This is a world rich with diverse and interesting characters, each with their own demons and issues.
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New York Observer
February 01, 2018
Yet for all of its bells and whistles, nothing about Altered Carbon feels very different or new or bold.
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TV Insider
January 31, 2018
Every twist of the convoluted and ultimately unsatisfying plot puts Kovacs, and his combative police officer partner Kristin Ortega, into gruesome situations that edge into torture porn.
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FILMINK (Australia)
January 22, 2018
It's a dark, violent and exploitative future, of course, but we wouldn't want it any other way.
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Hindustan Times
February 01, 2018
It doesn't matter if Altered Carbon is a homage of a rip-off. The only thing that matters is that regardless of what it wants to be perceived as, it fails at the two key things: Being thought provoking and entertaining.
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January 31, 2018
If you can get past that violence, or even through it, there's much to savor. Morgan's novel has been turned into a phantasmagoria of sights, sounds and details.
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Financial Times
January 29, 2018
It's probably best not to ask too many questions, but simply revel in the neon-lit retro-futuro stylings and all the other good stuff.
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NOW Toronto
February 01, 2018
It's fine, with some clever explorations of the virtual-immortality concept and a fun supporting performance by Chris Conner as Kovacs's sidekick.
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Detroit News
February 02, 2018
Big issues of body, mind, identity and technology shuffle around the "Altered Carbon" universe, but the show often drags its feet in order to fill its individual episodes' running times.
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