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It is Bruce Willis who starred in this film. Now, customers can imagine their wildest fantasies through a wide range of human-like, human-like populations.
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New York Post
January 16, 2015
Recombining elements of "Blade Runner," "Strange Days" and "A.I." makes Bruce Willis' "Vice" an intriguing sci-fi thriller, but in the end it doesn't do enough with its ideas.
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March 16, 2015
Low-rent and wasteful of some intriguing ideas.
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Movie Talk
June 27, 2015
The acting ranges from amateurish (Childers) to bored (Willis, smirk barely disguising his lack of interest), the script gets bogged down in lumpy exposition, and the action is unexciting.
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Los Angeles Times
January 17, 2015
"Vice" is "Blade Runner" on the cheap and minus the imagination.
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March 18, 2015
It is set in, as Bruce Willis' mogul character describes it, "a utopian paradise where you can have and do anything you want." Unless, that is, you want a decent movie.
New York Daily News
January 15, 2015
Here's hoping Bruce Willis bought something special with whatever cash he earned from this pointless, brutally ugly rehash of 1973's "Westworld."
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Movie Chambers
March 26, 2015
Bruce Willis sleepwalks through this terrible science fiction film that's short on science, but long on mindless gunfire.
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January 16, 2015
It's one of those nearly straight-to-VOD pieces that fluctuates between boring and offensive, never rising above either adjective.
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New York Times
January 15, 2015
Evidencing more bullets than brains, "Vice" - a bit of ephemeral science-fiction twaddle directed by Brian A. Miller - has absolutely nothing to recommend it.
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February 05, 2015
Wavers between absurd and predictable while appropriating themes and ideas from a half-dozen better sci-fi flicks.
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FILMINK (Australia)
March 26, 2015
Even with Willis - who looks like he was only needed for a day's filming - phoning it in, in every conceivable way, it still manages to be a hell of a lot of fun.
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January 20, 2015
Bruce Willis plays the CEO of a futuristic resort where perfectly human-looking androids exist to fulfill their clients' deepest, darkest desires - none of which, it can safely be said, involve watching movies as relentlessly mediocre as this one.
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