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The War of the Worlds

It was an attack on a small town in California that changed things for long periods. This attack was done by Mars with the formation of alien ships continuing to destroy everything around the world. Now, the army appears, but it remains unable to stop this enemy while scientists are racing to find a new path to fight this enemy.
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New York Times
October 31, 2006
Mind those heat rays!
April 05, 2006
For a movie that already succeeded in scaring the Grape Nehi out of every ten-year-old in the audience, how disquieting it must have been for the Cold War-agitated grownups to witness U.S. might, tanks and A-bombs alike, brushed away helpless...
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Common Sense Media
January 01, 2011
Some grisly and scary parts. Not for young 'uns.
June 08, 2007
War of the Worlds is a socko science-fiction feature, as fearsome as a film as was the Orson Welles 1938 radio interpretation of the H.G. Wells novel.
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TV Guide
June 08, 2007
Though it's bogged down by a stiff cast, a yawn-inspiring conventional romance, and a sappy religiosity, it remains a landmark in the history of special effects.
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October 03, 2011
Understandably well-remembered, but its status as a high classic seems more incidental than earned.
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February 22, 2008
Definitely a sci-fi classic from the 1950s...great George Pal effects.
Time Out
January 26, 2006
Too bad about the wooden cast, the tackily conventional romance, and a draggy religious message; but at least, given the time it was made, it isn't imbued with Cold War hysteria.
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Hollywood Reporter
December 06, 2005
A half-century after its creation, the film's best moments are still so enjoyably unnerving that they easily carry a viewer through the necessary but inevitably dated exposition.
Film Freak Central
March 06, 2006
peculiarly fifties-bound
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March 02, 2008
Chicago Reader
June 08, 2007
As the perfect crystallization of 50s ideology the film would be fascinating enough, but the special effects in this 1953 George Pal production also achieve a kind of dark, burnished apocalyptic beauty.
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