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The Babadook

Amelia’s husband dies a tragic death, six years has gone by and she is still in pain. Her 6 year old son is getting difficult for her to handle who is having consistent nightmares about a monster known as babadook. Then suddenly the appearance of a book called “The Babadook” makes Samuel sure that he is the same monster. He then starts to become more hostile, and his mother has no choice but to calm him down from medications. Soon after she feels a presence, and thinks that it might be the same presence Samuel was afraid of.
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Globe and Mail
March 06, 2015
The line between terrifying reality and terrifying fantasy isn't so much blurred as altogether obliterated.
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SF Weekly
October 05, 2016
There are legitimate terrors here -- legitimate because, as any bleary-eyed parent will verify, they come from a real and terrible place. And for those who do enjoy at least some defiance of natural laws, The Babadook has that too.
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March 16, 2017
It's become increasingly rare for horror films to make an effort to truly scare us these days, but Jennifer Kent's 'The Babadook' gets under the skin in ways that are both visceral and highly emotional.
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The Atlantic
January 21, 2016
The film has a solid grasp on the mutable, but ever-present pain of loss.
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October 05, 2016
For her first feature, Australian actress-turned-filmmaker Jennifer Kent creates a startlingly effective horror movie by combining serious scariness with some darkly evocative emotion.
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San Francisco Chronicle
January 15, 2015
At its heart, "The Babadook" is a story of mother and son, whose relationship ultimately determines whether they survive the demon - or die trying.
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The Sun (UK)
October 05, 2016
While short on terror this is a brilliantly acted and powerful film about a mother facing her demons.
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Toronto Star
March 05, 2015
This simple yet shiver-inducing tale, the auspicious feature debut of Australian writer/director Jennifer Kent, makes for one of the better horror movies of recent times.
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Toronto Sun
March 05, 2015
It presents grief as a demon, questions reality, and creeps out the viewer by making psychopathology seem like something that could happen to anybody.
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Nashville Scene
October 05, 2016
What's most terrifying about The Babadook is that Kent grounds a bizarre supernatural premise in very real feelings of anxiety and depression.
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London Evening Standard
October 05, 2016
The Babadook's villains and victims are still running amok in my brain. I think they might be there for some time.
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BuzzFeed News
October 05, 2016
A deftly inventive and psychologically charged horror story that trades on the ways in which the prospect of maternal failure can be just as fearsome a boogeyman as any monster under the bed.
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