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Red Tails

Group of courageous African American pilots, known as the who during the second World War, where they struggle against the racial discrimination they receive according to their black color, the thing that affects badly on them, had gained fame and respect of people, according to the great job they did in the war.
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Critics Of "Red Tails"
Chicago Reader
January 23, 2012
This is so generic as storytelling that it fails even as a basic history lesson: it's hard to believe that the stock conflicts on-screen have any connection to real events.
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We Got This Covered
January 29, 2013
The actors' convincing portrayals and realistic bond with each other, along with the spectacular visual and sound effects created by Lucas, makes Red Tails feel genuine and powerful.
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Epoch Times
July 03, 2016
The first black U.S. fighter pilots rained down bullets on Hitler's Luftwaffe like borax upon cockroaches. A movie finally bringing that fact to light, all these years later, is by definition a good movie.
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March 02, 2012
Sadly, Red Tails tells its inspiring story in the most old-fashioned, Saturday-afternoon-at-the-movies kind of way. The movie occasionally flies but it never soars.
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Big Hollywood
June 30, 2013
A patriotic but blatantly unremarkable film that could have been much much more.
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Newark Star-Ledger
January 20, 2012
Instead of pride or anger or resolve, all it left me feeling was a little bit of regret that I hadn't been home, watching "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" instead.
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Film Comment Magazine
November 05, 2013
One longs for more scenes between the ensemble on the ground, but the emphasis on aerial (and digital) technology leaves the characters without context.
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January 21, 2012
One can get away with a lot of cornball speeches a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away but it doesn't work nearly as well a short time ago on planet Earth.
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January 21, 2012
Red Tails is better than nothing - but "nothing" isn't the other option. That HBO film is still out there, and Red Tails doesn't add to it or improve upon it.
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September 30, 2012
With an inspiring source story, talented actors, and one of the most profitable production companies backing the film, it's genuinely hard to imagine where it all went wrong.
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Film Threat
July 11, 2015
George Lucas's last big hurrah is a hackneyed ode to a group of heroes-the Tuskegee Airmen-who deserve better treatment than this cliché interrupted by dazzling, FX-laden dogfights, smoke-filled explosions, boring subplots, and oxygen-depleting dialogue.
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Time Out
June 06, 2012
There's no sense of threat or danger: this is a film with its head stuck firmly in the clouds.
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