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Mile 22

In an action and adventure atmosphere, the movie follows a Black Ops, a secret operation by CIA, whose target is to transport someone to Mile 22 where they can extract important information from him. But he is a target for many evil organizations and gangsters so the agency has selected James Silva to do this mission for his efficiency with his team Overwatch.
Duration: 94 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2018
IMDb: 6.1
Keywords:  #Iko Uwais #Lauren Cohan #Mark Wahlberg #Mile 22
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Critics Of "Mile 22"
Associated Press
August 17, 2018
For a movie so excited to tell a story about the CIA's most highly-prized and least understood unit, it sure doesn't do much to ensure you leave any more informed than you were when you sat down.
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August 17, 2018
... coasts on sheer adrenaline for a while, but without an emotional anchor, the chaotic and convoluted result simply becomes exhausting.
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Lainey Gossip
August 19, 2018
Incomprehensible and flat-out ugly in pretty much every way it can be.
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What the Flick?!
August 17, 2018
You have no idea what's going on. This movie is so overly edited, it's all shaky cam.
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L.A. Biz
August 17, 2018
Ill-conceived and miscast, Mile 22 mistakes flashy computer graphics for narrative intensity, quick cutting for compelling action, and quirks for characterization.
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August 17, 2018
Not surprisingly, the performances tend to get lost amid the mayhem -- the point here is style, not substance.
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Deadline Hollywood Daily
August 17, 2018
Mark Wahlberg tries to fast talk his way into new action franchise but is shooting blanks with a movie that is just SO deja view.
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August 17, 2018
It delivers plenty of action but not a lot of thrills, and its copious bloodshed comes from characters who aren't fully fleshed out.
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Boston Globe
August 17, 2018
Berg and Wahlberg deliver a relentlessly paced, addictively slick paramilitary thriller actively catering to fans of gonzo brutality and turbocharged machismo.
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Crooked Marquee
August 17, 2018
A simple-minded, jingoistic celebration of violence that totally misuses Wahlberg's limited range of abilities.
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Your Movies (cleveland.com)
August 18, 2018
Berg and Wahlberg continue their movie bromance with the fourth and, perhaps, least appealing pairing of the producer/director with his certified producer/star.
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Time Out
August 17, 2018
The two times Uwais is allowed to bust out his fighting moves, the scenes are Cuisinarted into incomprehensible shreds, and the point becomes not the precision and virtuosity of his skills, but the broken bones and spurting gore that end each mano-a-mano.
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