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In this epic science fiction, Christopher Nolan reaches for the stars in Interstellar, but ends up reaching past them.
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Detroit News
January 05, 2015
"Interstellar" is a grand undertaking, but in shooting for the stars, it loses its footing. It goes to infinity and beyond, when infinity would have been plenty.
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Epoch Times
June 13, 2016
Can we fly a spaceship through a galactic wormhole to Saturn? We haven't even put a man on Mars yet! It's another 342,077,666.43 miles from Mars to Saturn! Fuggeddaboudit!
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Sunday Times (UK)
February 28, 2017
Interstellar has more of absolutely everything: more plot, more (stupid) words, more acting and much more bad acting (Anne Hathaway) than nearly all the year's films put together, as well as the most idiotic storyline of the decade.
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San Diego Reader
January 06, 2015
There are many words to describe Interstellar. Entertainment isn't one of them.
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June 18, 2016
It's his 'White Album,' overlong and overwritten, corny and self-important, and also a great movie. And yes, it can be all of those things at once.
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November 16, 2014
It's a film I didn't exactly enjoy and can't say I would recommend. And yet as an event, as a singular movie-watching opportunity, it's undoubtedly worthwhile.
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Washington Free Beacon
July 14, 2016
Interstellar never feels overly long despite its almost three hour running time. It also packs an emotional wallop, if you let it.
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Richard Roeper.com
December 14, 2014
Jessica Chastain deserves Best Supporting Actress consideration for her work. One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.
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Chicago Reader
November 21, 2014
After the first hour, with its poignant depiction of humanity's decline, Interstellar always seems to be rebuilding its momentum, offering plenty to think about but little to hold on to.
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The Herald (Ireland)
June 06, 2016
Perhaps it would have been wiser to trim back on several of the ideas and present a more cohesive, not to mention coherent, story.
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Film Inquiry
February 24, 2017
It is a wondrously beautiful movie, with intense sci-fi sequences, a solid and talented cast, and even some thought-provoking ideas. This is not one to be missed.
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Chicago Sun-Times
August 21, 2015
This is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.
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