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Insyriated [Sub: Eng]

Damascus. The war is on the street. The apartment has become a sort of bunker where everything is organised depending on poverty. Every day is just a struggle to survive until tomorrow. The men are gone, only the women and the elderly are left. But some other men appear. Everyone retreats to the kitchen. Everyone except one young woman, alone on the other side of the door.
Keywords:  #Diamand Bou Abboud #Hiam Abbass #Insyriated #Juliette Navis #Philippe Van Leeuw
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Critics Of "Insyriated [Sub: Eng]"
February 12, 2017
Like a Holocaust script that aims for sentiment and phony realism, the results reduce the tragedy to cheap TV-movie tricks.
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September 10, 2017
Van Leeuw's direction is extremely effective throughout, making frequent use of tight close-ups to accentuate the claustrophobia.
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Sight and Sound
September 12, 2017
Any narrative improbability or twinges of melodrama are overcome both by the striking performances and the visceral, immersive filmmaking.
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Hollywood Reporter
February 13, 2017
Gripping from start to finish.
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Empire Magazine
September 11, 2017
Ignore the awful title, this is a taut drama that puts a human face on Syria's humanitarian crisis. No cheap thrills or easy answers here, but plenty of gut-churning drama.
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Film Inquiry
October 05, 2017
Insyriated is an intense thriller following a particularly hellish day in the life of an ordinary family in Syria.
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Sunday Times (UK)
September 11, 2017
A few credible background details might have made Philippe Van Leeuw's melodrama more convincing, but this single-location movie tells us nothing specific about the Syrian conflict.
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December 27, 2017
As a viewer one certainly leaves Insyriated with a more visceral understanding of what the Syrian conflict means for millions of families. Whether that is of any help to them, is a separate question.
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Cinema Scope
November 17, 2017
A film so phony that its makers needed to coin a nonsense word to give it an appropriate title, the irksome Insyriated is the sort of feeble attempt at profundity that crops up in the face of every armed conflict.
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Observer (UK)
September 10, 2017
Van Leeuw captures both the everyday horror of living through war and the lurking threat of sexual violence.
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Irish Times
September 11, 2017
Ultimately, this war-torn drama fails to bring out the big guns.
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Time Out
September 07, 2017
It can sometimes feel like 'Insyriated' is awkwardly carrying the weight of an entire complicated conflict on its shoulders - but its sense of claustrophobia and immediacy can also feel horribly convincing.
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