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Gladiator follows the disgraceful killing of a General's family when he got betrayed.
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New Yorker
January 08, 2014
Ridley Scott thrusts us so close to the combat that all we see is a lot of whirling and thrashing, a sword thrust here and there, a spurt of blood, a limb severed. There's hardly a scene that is cleanly and coherently staged in open space.
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February 22, 2015
Throughout it all, Crowe maintains a tough, slot-mouthed reticence; he is very persuasive as the superman of the Colosseum.
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December 06, 2015
It took "Alien" director Ridley Scott to reinvigorate, however briefly, the sword and sandal genre at the turn of the 21st century.
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L.A. Weekly
January 08, 2014
Gladiator is filled with brilliant filmmaking and features outstanding performances, but it's neither profound enough nor pop enough to be great -- it's mournful, serious, beautiful and, finally, pointless.
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Screen International
February 24, 2015
This may be fundamentally Saturday night entertainment, but Scott attempts rather more than that on occasion, and at least succeeds in creating a memorable sense of a dark and often frightening period of time.
Philadelphia Inquirer
February 24, 2013
The fusion of the ancient and the modern -- even to the point of some sly echoes of our own sports-mad society -- is seamless. Gladiator does indeed deliver the glory that was Rome, but it also clinically dissects the assumptions on which it was built.
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Tampa Bay Times
February 25, 2015
Gladiator has the distinction of being both timely and nostalgic.
New York Daily News
January 08, 2014
If there's a soft spot in your heart for the sword-&-sandal epic, then you'll swoon with giddy delight over Gladiator.
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Wall Street Journal
January 08, 2014
Crowe doesn't use tricks in this role to court our approval. He earns it the old-fashioned way, by daring to be quiet, if not silent, and intensely, implacably strong.
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London Evening Standard
February 22, 2015
In Russell Crowe, Scott has found an actor who can carry this movie the way Atlas was supposed to carry the globe of the world on his back -- in Crowe's case without stooping.
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February 25, 2015
The journey of Maximus, from triumph on the battlefield through despair and degradation in slavery and then to a final epiphany in the Colosseum is an exciting one - and Russell Crowe plays the character with considerable toughness and authority.
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Minneapolis Star Tribune
February 22, 2015
Gladiator is a triumph. On the surface, it's a terrific yarn with strong, rounded characters, agonizing suspense and visceral thrills. Look closer and you'll find rich historical themes, and a harrowing critique of violence as amusement.
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