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Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth is a Canadian erotic romantic drama as a passionate connection between two women changes their life forever.
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Critics Of "Below Her Mouth"
April 27, 2017
A sexually frank but narratively flimsy girl-meets-girl romance that never gets under its gorgeous characters' amply exposed skin.
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Flick Filosopher
April 28, 2017
Lesbian and not-quite-sure-if-she's-a-lesbian have a weekend fling. Sometimes unintentionally hilarious, this is little more than soft-core porn.
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Seventh Row
June 29, 2017
Cringeworthy dialogue and an over-reliance on closeups make April Mullen's Below Her Mouth an often painful watch.
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Hollywood Reporter
April 28, 2017
An undeniably steamy effort that delivers plenty of heat in its profusion of sex scenes while falling significantly short in dramatic terms.
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April 28, 2017
A deeply silly misfire.
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Village Voice
April 26, 2017
Linder possesses a compelling, Kurt Cobain-like androgyny, but neither she nor Krill can do much to save the portentous screenplay.
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April 28, 2017
I wish I felt differently about Below Her Mouth. It pains me to extol so many of its virtues yet in the same breadth state I don't think it's all that worthwhile as cinematic entertainment.
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Washington Post
April 27, 2017
Krill and Linder have an understated delivery, common to the mumblecore genre. Although this sometimes works against dramatic momentum, it contrasts nicely with - and ultimately heightens - their intimate moments together.
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Arizona Republic
April 27, 2017
While "Below Her Mouth" is no doubt some classy-looking porn, it's a pretty lousy movie, because all that sex leaves precious little time to develop character, plot or thematic depth.
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Eye for Film
April 27, 2017
A simple story told well, this is an affecting piece of cinema that punches well above its weight.
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Film Threat
May 18, 2017
As badass as Dallas's leather jacket, Below Her Mouth is not subtle. The title means what you think it does. The perspective of only women telling the story narratively and visually creates a powerful class of film and for that alone it's worth the time.
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May 04, 2017
It's a fittingly ambiguous title for a directionless film, late night fare that will be enjoyed by just as many horny men as horny teenage lesbians. Think of it as equal opportunity erotica.
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