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Atomic Blonde

In the years of the Cold War a secret MI6 agent is sent to Berlin with two missions: to find out who murdered a yellow agent and recover the missing list of double agents names.
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New York Observer
July 29, 2017
Can a woman step into James Bond's shoes? Duh, says Charlize Theron as she performs the cold-as-ice secret agent shtick backwards, and in red patent-leather stilettos, in the engaging spy-vs-spy thriller Atomic Blonde.
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Business Insider
August 01, 2017
Playing the closest thing we have currently to a female Bond in Atomic Blonde, Theron delivers an electric performance that's brutal and sexy at the same time.
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Herald Sun (Australia)
August 02, 2017
While the finer points of the story are impossible to follow, Theron deploys bewitching beauty, bone-breaking brawn and belittling eye contact that is impossible to resist.
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BuzzFeed News
July 31, 2017
It's a calorie-free serving of simple pleasures, and sometimes that's exactly what you need.
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Suburban Journals of St. Louis
August 02, 2017
"Atomic Blonde" musters up just enough heat to blow you away.
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Globe and Mail
July 28, 2017
Atomic Blonde is bold, brazen and frequently bonkers. But it's also killer.
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Film Threat
August 02, 2017
Atomic Blonde doesn't reinvent the wheel and never really tries to. It occasionally gets tangled in its own web but it accomplishes what it set out to do.
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New York Magazine/Vulture
July 28, 2017
You don't go to operas for dancing or ballets for singing, and you don't see Atomic Blonde for anything but a badass female protagonist crunching bones and pulping faces in gratifyingly long takes or remarkable simulations thereof.
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San Diego Reader
July 28, 2017
Perhaps it's not surprising that [Leitch] winds up with something that feels like a tough-minded drama rejiggered into a hard-bodied action-adventure. But it is a bit disappointing. Still, there are consolations.
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Creative Loafing
August 01, 2017
The logical companion piece to the summer hit Baby Driver, Atomic Blonde is another movie largely defined by its cool-as-ice characters, its action-packed set-pieces, and its awesome mix tape of classic tunes readily available for iTunes download.
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Independent (UK)
August 02, 2017
Without a doubt one of the greatest action stars of today, Atomic Blonde offers a spectacular platform for Charlize Theron's skills.
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The Atlantic
August 02, 2017
The action in Atomic Blonde is top-shelf; but the plot that knits it together, crucial to any good spy film, is a whole lot flimsier.
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