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American Gangster

Frank Lucas earns his living as a chauffeur to one of Harlem's leading mobsters. But the death of his boss compels Frank to delve into the business and ranking to become the most revered crime boss.
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Time Out
November 14, 2007
Like much of his oeuvre, Scott's scaled-up movie is bigger than life - and lesser for it. But while never digging deeply or darkly enough to match its own grand vision of itself, slick technique drives the story forward with pace and style.
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Boston Phoenix
April 23, 2009
File this one under "American Oscar Wanna-Be."
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November 03, 2012
Though it's certainly admirable to aim high, it's like Frank Lucas himself says: "Either you're somebody, or you ain't nobody." Unfortunately for American Gangster, it ends up somewhere between the two.
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I.E. Weekly
February 03, 2008
Scott's not interested in fireworks but small implosions of the soul and ego.
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August 27, 2009
Flattened by Scott's cardboard evocation of New York in the '70s, Zaillian's shallow criticism of corrupting power, and weirdly bloodless performances
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November 02, 2007
Washington's steely grip on his impersonation of Frank Lucas holds the film together.
Matt's Movie Reviews
July 07, 2010
American Gangster is an epic, true crime drama, that although not entirely original in its premise is excellent in its execution.
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November 06, 2007
How much truth we get in the movie version is hard to say...nobody much cares if it's gospel, as long as it's riveting. Here, alas, it is not.
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November 05, 2007
For all its grit, style and atmosphere, Gangster never sweeps you away. It has neither the lurid bravado of De Palma's "Scarface" nor the intimate grasp of the criminal lifestyle you find in Scorsese or Coppola.
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Fayetteville Free Weekly
February 02, 2009
When American Gangster was announced, with actors Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott, it seemed like a can't miss project. It missed.
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Digital Spy
July 14, 2011
It's 157 minutes long, but immerses its audience with its twists and intricacies as it plays out and considers the logistics and consequences of crime and police corruption, with a plethora of show-stealing performances from the cast.
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October 18, 2008
Ridley Scott's gangster flick aims high and mostly measures up.
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