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A Madea Family Funeral

The movie tells of a great comedy, where the family's delightful family reunion becomes a nightmare in a short time. This nightmare actually begins when Madea and the crew travel to Georgia, where the family members themselves are unexpectedly planning for a seemingly strange funeral. It seems that all that will happen will reveal strange family secrets that appear unexpectedly.
Duration: 109 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2019
IMDb: 4.4
Keywords:  #A Madea Family Funeral #Cassi Davis #Patrice Lovely #Tyler Perry
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Critics Of "A Madea Family Funeral"
AV Club
March 01, 2019
A Madea Family Funeral gives its title character an unceremonious send-off, as amateurish and schlocky as any of the mean-but-good-hearted old lady's previous forays into the big screen.
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Austin Chronicle
March 07, 2019
The tempo of the numerous dramatic scenes is on par with drying paint; characters lack consistency from scene to scene; the dialogue sounds like a first draft that needs major editing; its occasional technical sloppiness; and so forth.
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Alternate Ending
March 10, 2019
Marked primarily by its disinterest in whether anything about is actually working.
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Rolling Stone
March 03, 2019
It's lights out for Madea as Tyler Perry ends the drag reign of his most beloved comic creation. This is the 11th and final film in the Madea franchise, and it's a slack, formless, monotonous mess. And yet Madea still gets in her licks. Your call.
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New England Movies Weekly
March 07, 2019
Meanwhile, all of this is staged with such little regard for basic principles of filmmaking that certain scenes approach the realm of outsider art.
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March 01, 2019
The (often improvised) scenes involving Perry's elderly trio give the film genuine comic spark and energy. But when we're left with the grieving family and their sexual secrets, the movie has the dramatic and visual flatness of a TV soap opera.
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Tony Baker Comedy
March 08, 2019
The writing on this is just so meat and potatoes. Nothing is believable.
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New York Times
March 01, 2019
What Perry lacks in filmmaking rigor - like its predecessors, "Family Funeral" is a bit of a mess, formally and technically - he makes up for in generosity.
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Hollywood Reporter
March 01, 2019
Considering how well the character has served him, Perry certainly doesn't return the favor in this graceless installment combining raucous comedy and turgid melodrama to undigestible effect.
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Double Toasted
March 07, 2019
There's about ten minutes of movie in this so-called film... and the rest of it is padded out with jokes that go nowhere.
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Reel Reviews
March 09, 2019
There is simply nowhere else to go with the Madea character, yet here we are again
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March 04, 2019
A boring, cheeseball mess of a finale.
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