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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is more like a true life expedition of some US army in Libya.
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Critics Of "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone
January 16, 2016
Several critics have given 13 Hours a pass, citing Bay's skill at action engineering. It's his failure at everything else that makes this movie as hard to endure as it is impossible to believe. #helpme
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Rebecca Pahle
The Mary Sue
September 20, 2016
Ultimately, is the takeaway. 13 Hours is a good Michael Bay movie... but it's still a Michael Bay movie.
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Ken McIntyre
January 02, 2017
Bay turns a divisive political issue into a film about machine guns, dirt, blood and gung-ho patriotism. Expect spectacle; insight, not so much.
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James Berardinelli
January 16, 2016
The movie is imperfect and overlong but it's never boring. And, although aspects of its factual accuracy can be called into question, it does a decent job of chronicling what happened that night.
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Jesse Hassenger
Brooklyn Magazine
November 29, 2016
There are few horrors of war that can't be reduced to blockbuster shtick.
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Rafer Guzman
January 15, 2016
Bay's action sequences are as riveting and technically beautiful as ever, but his reductive worldview is also on display. "13 Hours" doesn't just lionize its American soldiers, it oozes disdain for everyone else.
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Tim Brayton
Antagony & Ecstasy
December 06, 2016
Far too enervating to do much of anything other than be annoying. But you can see the good film inside of it.
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Peter Rainer
Christian Science Monitor
January 15, 2016
[Bay] does well here what he always does well: He keeps the action at full throttle. This is also what he does so annoyingly: He always keeps things at full throttle.
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Matthew Lickona
San Diego Reader
January 15, 2016
[Bay] is hell on manly banter amid the explosions ("Just another Tuesday night in Benghazi"), and also moments carefully calculated to make you feel the horrors - and the heroics - of war. Emphasis on "calculated."
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Paddy Kehoe
RTÉ (Ireland)
July 26, 2016
The loss of life is movingly depicted but these largely unfeasible, weirdly unreal characters are much too cocky and swaggery, when not being disdainful and patronising towards the locals. So don't bother.
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Mike McCahill
December 31, 2016
13 Hours remains very much a combat movie made by the man who once hustled Armageddon onto our screens, no more nourishing, affecting or heavyweight than the popcorn ground into the multiplex carpet.
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Joshua Rothkopf
Time Out
January 20, 2016
The final word on this incident will require a more thoughtful filmmaker. But hopefully, that artist will possess at least half of Bay's punishing, peerless craft.
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