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Chris's character began a little iffy. It seemed a though his character was almost still in the planning stages for his first few opening episodes. His character is introduce in season 5 and runs through season 6's finale, making cameo appearances throughout the rest of the series.Chris first appeared in the season finale of Season 5 when... Show more »
Chris's character began a little iffy. It seemed a though his character was almost still in the planning stages for his first few opening episodes. His character is introduce in season 5 and runs through season 6's finale, making cameo appearances throughout the rest of the series.Chris first appeared in the season finale of Season 5 when the sisters were turned into godesses, introducing himself as Chris Perry. He claimed that he was from the future and had come back to save them. In the future, Paige died fighting the Greek Gods, which he just saved her from. Things happened quickly but Chris's ultimate plan came true. He broke Piper and Leo up by making Leo become an Elder, and he became the Charmed One's new whitelighter.Over the season, you begin to discover Chris is hiding dark secrets about the future. For one, he's not just a whitelighter. Like Paige, Chris was born to a whitelighter and a witch, and thus has powers and abilities of both. However, Chris's arsenal of weapons is limited to orbing, the ability to use spells, and Prue's telekenesis - using his hands as Prue did later in her own arc.All throughout the season, Chris makes vague and obvious 'family' comments. This is a hint about his family life and underlying need to be accepted and needed.In the episode Chris Crossed, when Chris is kidnaped by his fiance from the future, Bianca, the sister's learn of his witch abilities. The viewer is also privilaged to the new shocking truth that the evil that Chris is trying to save the future from is none other than our sweet baby Wyatt. Wyatt in the future tells Chris that if he were anyone else, he'd have killed him. It's not yet stated why Chris is so different from 'anyone else.'Not long after this discovery is made by the viewers, it's made by the sister's and Leo, who then begin to distrust everything Chris says or has said. In an attempt to save himself in their graces, Chris rescues Wyatt when nobody else can because of his shield. Although it's a little more strained, Chris is back as the charmed one's whitelighter.In the episode Legend of Sleepy Halliwell, the sisters go to magic school where the headless horseman is wreaking havoc. Phoebe journeys off to have a spiritual vision quest in a side quest of her own. In Phoebe's vision of the far future, we learn Wyatt has a baby brother. When Phoebe wakes from her vision, Chris is there and Phoebe confronts him at the end about being Wyatt's brother. Chris admits it, thus is revealed why Chris is different from 'everyone else' to the evil Wyatt.In the next episode, The Courtship of Wyatt's Father, Piper and Leo are taken to an astral plane and Chris begins to fade from existence. Because he broke up his parents, they wont be having sex anytime soon to concieve him. As Chris begins to become see-through and less solid, he meets an angel of death. However, Chris refuses to go with him and helps sends his parents messages in an attempt to get them back in time. The plan was to explain the situation to Leo and Piper when they got back.Before Piper and Leo can be rescued, however, Chris completely fades from existence. All fear he's gone for good until Leo and Piper are returned to the normal plane. Chris randomly reappears, cheering for his own solidity. Leo returns to being an Elder while Paige and Phoebe give Piper the big news. You're Pregnant! Although doubtful at first, Piper finally accepts the fact that Chris is her son when he walks in the room just before the episode ends.The next major issue in Chris's life is the very next episode, Hyde School Reunion. Chris has become distant from Piper, hardly speaking to her at all. Piper brings in her father to help and Chris joyously greets him. Apparently, in the future, he and his grandfather are really close, but he wont tell anyone why. Chris and Gramps go out to dinner and after talking a bit, Chris finally admits that he's ignoring Piper because in his future, Piper is dead.When Chris turned 14, his mother was killed - although it's never explained how. Grandpa convinces Chris that, while he's here, he should get close to her so that he can have more memories of her when he returns to the future. When Piper next sees Chris, he calls her 'mom' and has become overly protective of her. A complete switch of personality.Chris continues to call her 'mom' until the end of the season. In the episode Spin City, Chris is infected by a spider demon and attacks Piper on the orders of his queen. We learn that Chris hates his father, Leo, to a deadly extent. Phoebe calls Leo from 'up there' to help with Piper and Chris and finally lets him know he has a second son. For the first 6 months of pregnancy, he didn't know. After beating his father till he bled and then running to the Golden Gate Bridge, Chris reveals to Leo that, in the future, Leo had never been there for him. You were never there for me... You were there for everybody else,... for Mom,... Wyatt,... half the world. But you were never there for me. You didn't have the time. Leo seems to dedicate most of his time thereafter to making amends with Chris, most of the time just annoying him by trying so hard. Within two episodes, a car-jacking, two jail sentences, and several misunderstandings, Leo finally wins Chris's favor.Chris and Leo make a good team solving problems, especially when they're actually getting along. Although Chris is good in near-death battles, when it comes to fighting in general, Chris is pretty bad at it. He's constantly getting kicked in the head, stabbed, or flung to the side like a stupid side-character. This poses ill for him in the season finale.In the episode before the finale, Witch Wars, Baby Chris's birthday is coming up soon so Big Chris is trying to quickly find the person who turns Wyatt evil and a way to return to the future. When the sister's are used on a new demon game show - 'Witch Wars' - Gideon convinces them that the demons in charge of it are the ones who turn Wyatt evil. However, the viewer has learned by this point that Gideon is the one trying to kidnap and kill Wyatt.The group believes Gideon, however, and go off to stop the game masters. Once they're dead, everyone congratulated Chris on saving Wyatt and now the view turns to getting Chris back home.In the season finale, the group has devised two ways to get Chris home. One is a potion and the other is a spell, written by Paige and Phoebe, tweaked by Gideon. Leo and Chris try the potion but it bursts just before hitting Chris's portal home. They think it's cause it didn't work, in truth, Gideon was invisible and smashed it just in time.The girls gather in magic school to send Chris off with the spell, each saying their dear goodbyes. Chris hugs Piper tightly and tells her he loves her, certain that she'll be dead in the future. However, the portal that Leo and Chris walk through thats them to an alternate world, not the future. Phoebe and Paige go after them when they realize the mistake and thus the shift of good and evil is unset. While in the evil world, they discover that Gideon is actually the one trying to harm Wyatt. When the girls finally return with Chris and Leo, their world is ultimately too good. Phoebe and Paige and put under a spell to act just like the too good world wants them to and that leaves only Leo and Chris to protect Wyatt.Chris says he'll stay with Wyatt while Leo goes to try and get the girls back on their side. While Leo is gone, Chris hears someone walking up the stairs in the manor. He looks at Wyatt in his playpen and then decides to ignore the sound. He hears another creak, closer to the attic door, and walks closer to Wyatt. He can't see anyone but he knows Gideon can become invisible so he decides it's time to escape with Wyatt. However, just before he can grab Wyatt, he's flung across the room into a dresser.Gideon appears and tries to take Wyatt but Chris tosses him across the room with a flick of his wrist. Gideon calls a danger (an.. athame?) to his hand and cloaks himself. Chris makes a dash for Wyatt and is caught in the gut by the weapon. Leo, at the hospital, hears Chris's cry for help - he called out 'dad', and orbs home immediately. He finds Chris bleeding on the floor and Gideon holding Wyatt. Gideon shimmers away and leaves Leo to help Chris.Leo's magic can't heal Gideon's wound though, and Leo is forced to leave Chris on a bed while he goes to try and get the sister's to help again. He manages to break the spell on them and Paige orbs home to watch Chris. However, in this 'too good' world, Chris is still wanted for stealing a car so the police show up to arrest him. Paige claims she doesn't know a Chris but the police inevitably find Chris laying on the bed. Paige calls desperately for Leo and when he finally shows up, the police are leaving.Darrell says he's 'sorry' before they all leave. The police didn't have to do anything to Chris and that could only mean bad news. Leo rushes to Chris's side and pets his hair, telling him 'you'll be fine. it's gonna be okay. just hold on, okay? Just hold on.' Chris mutters a 'you too' with a pained look on his face. Leo nods and, as Chris's head falls to the side, Leo begins to plead in whispers for him not to go. Chris let's out his finale breath... and vanishes, right there in Leo's arms. Leo cries into the bed where Chris was and the episode continues. Leo kills Gideon saying it's all because 'you murdered my son.' In the end of the episode, baby Chris has been born and Leo holds him in his arms as he goes in to see Piper.Chris makes a few more appearances in the show, besides just as a child. He returns as his 22 year old self as a spirit guide to Leo during his vision quest and again returns from the future, this time with a Wyatt who has lost all his powers, to help in the finale battle of the entire series.Over the series, Chris makes good character growth. He begins as an obviously manipulating, shady guy; shifts into a hard working, overprotective whitelighter as his secrets are revealed; and finally transitions over into the lovable son just looking for a way to help and save his family. When you rewatch the season, it's a bit more obvious that Chris was always just trying to be included in the family and trying to do the right thing. Show less «

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