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GEORGE DOUGLAS MCFLY (Crispin Glover, Jeffrey Weissman), born 1 April 1938, in the Back to the Future franchise, is a highly successful mass-markeet science-fiction novelist. He also is the father of American Top Forty bandleader Marty McFly. To this day he probably does not appreciate how much of his success he owes to his own son, and to his son&... Show more »
GEORGE DOUGLAS MCFLY (Crispin Glover, Jeffrey Weissman), born 1 April 1938, in the Back to the Future franchise, is a highly successful mass-markeet science-fiction novelist. He also is the father of American Top Forty bandleader Marty McFly. To this day he probably does not appreciate how much of his success he owes to his own son, and to his son's friend, the eccentric inventor Emmett L. Doc Brown. Contents [hideshow] 1.1. Timeline 1: Loser 1.2. Timeline 2: Winner 1.3. Timeline 3: Murdered 1.4. Timeline 4: Father of a Winner Timeline 1: LoserGeorge McFly was born and raised in Hill Valley, California, the descendant of an Irish homesteader in the town's Old West days. He was a classic nerd. His favorite passion was science fiction. He lived to read science-fiction comic books and watch Science Fiction Theater on the new medium of television that was only now starting to penetrate American households.Hill Valle High School Principal James Strickland was always irritated with him. You are a slacker! he would say. And if you don't shape up, you'll be a slacker all your life. But he felt the same urges for girls as any other boy. He saw, and fell in love (well, maybe puppy love) with Lorraine Baines, easily the most popular girl at Hill Valley High. On November 5, 1955, he was up in a tree, across the street from the Baines house, watching her undress through her open bedroom window. Then he fell out of the tree and onto the street--and Sam Baines, driving down the street, struck him with his car. Sam asked his wife, Stella, to carry him into his house, where Lorraine nursed him back to health.The two saw each other through school, though Lorraine never could get used to the way Biff Tannen took advantage of George. Biff never did any schoolwork himself. He always demanded that George do it, and to hand it in in plenty of time for Biff to recopy it.George and Lorraine attended the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. There they kissed for the first time. And from that moment on, they knew they would always be together.George and Lorraine had a son, David, a daughter, Linda, then another son, Marty. But Biff went from demanding that George do his homework for him to demanding that he write his reports for him. Biff became his supervisor at whatever workplace the two worked at, and continued the pattern.On the night of October 25, 1985, Biff demanded that George lend him his automobile. He brought it back wrecked, and blamed George for lending him a car with a blind spot in it.Biff, in that timeline, would never know how his life would change--for no person who has not taken part in time travel ever finds out about how his life might have been, or might have continued.Timeline 2: WinnerIn this timeline, on November 5, 1955, George fell out of the tree, as in the original timeline. But this time a young man wearing a life-jacket-like vest shoved him out of the path of Sam Baines' oncoming car. And it was he, not George, who got hit. George got up, raced for his bicycle, and got out of there as fast as he could.Later, this young man, who never gave his name, showed up to suggest he ask Lorraine out to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. George refused, saying he couldn't take that kind of rejection, and also saying he would miss his favorite TV show, Science Fiction Theater, that was also playing that night. (And in those days, there was no such thing as to catch it on reruns. )But that night, a rude and frightening stranger calling himself Darth Vader, of the planet Vulcan, came to insist that he ask Lorraine out, on pain of summary execution! (He probably never learned that this was none other than his future son Marty.)Desperate, George sought out the new boy in town, the one who had taken the car hit in his place, and begged him for advice on how to ask a girl out. His first attempt ended badly; the lines did not come easily to him.So then the other boy set up a trick scenario: he would take Lorraine out to the dance, as she clearly wanted. But then he would pretend to assault her. George was to come out of the dance hall at a specific time, deck the boy, and so come to Lorraine's rescue.George showed up at the appointed time, all right. Only something had gone very wrong. The boy doing the assault against Lorraine was not the new boy at all, but none other than Biff. And the assault was real--real enough for Lorraine to be badly frightened.George went through with it. He swung an uppercut, try ing to connect with Biff's stomach. Biff caught his fist and twisted his arm behind him. Lorraine tried to break it up, and Biff shoved her down, and started laughing uncontrollably, because he was drunk.George, seeing red for the first time, doubled up his left hand into a fist, swung it, and connected with Biff's right jaw. The blow spun Biff around and laid him out cold.George grandly escorted a grateful Lorraine into the dance hall. He didn't understand completely why the new boy was substituting for Marvin Berry and playing with his Starlighters Band. But then another bully cut in on him. George took that for half a minute, then shoved the other bully aside. And that';s when he and Lorraine kissed.With his newfound confidence, he shopped his novels to an agent. Doors opened for him, and he became a successful author.Biff ended up starting an auto detailing business. George would hire him to wax and polish his late-model BMW, and the Toyota 4x4 he bought for Marty. George frequently had to chide Biff for applying only one coat even though George paid for two.But Marty ruined himself. On October 27, 1985, Marty accepted a challenge to a foolish drag race on the street. He struck a Rolls Royce, broke his right hand, and became involved in a lawsuit by the owner of the Rolls. George bailed his son out of that mess, and he and Lorraine basically had to support Marty and his wife, the former Jennifer Parker, while he became an office drone, and then lost even that job in 2015 after taking another silly dare from Needles, the original drag-race challenger. George also threw his back out, and had to go about hanging upside down on a pair of levitation pads, under a doctor's prescription.Timeline 3: MurderedIn this timeline, Biff, after the debacle at the dance, got rich from speculating on sports. Biff outfitted a gang with real weapons. And on March 15, 1973, they ambushed and murdererd him.Timeline 4: Father of a WinnerThis timeline worked out just as had Timeline 2--except that Marty did not take Needles' dare. Marty breathlessly came home that day, saying, I...I...I could have hit a Rolls Royce! How heavy is that?!? Instead, Marty followed up on the good reception, by MCA Records, of an audition tape he sent in on October 27. Marty McFly and the Pinheads went on to cut ten Platinum Records and win five Grammys. So that today, Marty supports him. Show less «

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