What Are Sports Movies and How Much We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-13
What Are Sports Movies and How Much We Enjoy?

Sports movies revolve around sports such as football, baseball, boxing, skating, car racing and horse racing. They are very popular and are bestsellers.

They are mainly watched for pleasure and for the love of sports. The heroes and heroines in sports movies inspire people deeply. They also embrace the concept of team work by showing that ‘together we can win’. That team work indeed is the winning formula unlike walking alone. It is also a way of teaching children that they too can become conquerors by working hard with a team.

Teams also have rules and for one to win, they have to play by the rules or get the whole team to be disqualified.

For the older people, watching sports movies makes them feel younger and gives them a sense of belonging amongst the youth. Sports movies teach a lot of good lessons such as burying their differences, appreciating other people’s strengths, knowing that no matter how strong two teams are, only one of them can emerge as a winner. Watching movies is a way of helping us keep our stressors aside so as to enjoy the moment.

Why Do You Enjoy the Sports Movies?

Real sports are enjoyed by so many people and that is the reason the sports movies have become so popular. They mainly give stories of success, adversity, tragedy and hidden love and hidden emotions. Most times, they teach great stories of success, hope and togetherness inspite of personalor racial differences that they may have. On the other hand, if a team loses, they cannot blame an individual because team work must prevail. Sports movies are quite entertaining and children should be encouraged to watch them for better brain development.

Best All Time: Greater

This is a great movie about Brandon, who was bullied so much when he was young. He had always dreamt of being a great footballer.When he went to the College, he was constantly reminded that he would never play football and that he was a failure. He was also told that he was too short and fat to play the game.

Brandon did not lose hope. He kept his faith in God and he remained very humble. He worked against all odds to join the football team and when he managed to join the game, he worked extremely hard. He was a young man of good character and this won him the favor of the football coach. He finally joined the team and he became an excellent player. He also had a lot of faith in God and played very hard to become one of the best players in the team. Finally his name was on the NFL list and he was so excited. A few months after his name appeared on NFL, Brandon died in a car accident. What a sad ending? Everyone, even the people who had bullied him, felt a deep loss on learning about his death. Indeed bad things happen to good people.