What Are Romance Movies And How Much We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-13
What Are Romance Movies And How Much We Enjoy?

Picture this, a lovely couple seated out on a beach or a park watching the beautiful sunset. All this time they are holding hands and whispering nice and soothing words into each other’s ears. Some playful giggles are let out by the lovebirds. Occasionally, the man will stand up and try to lift his lady, they may fall down and let out a hearty laughter.

The lady too will once a while put her hands to her chest whilst stretching one out and will let out a beautiful tune dedicated to her object of adoration, the man. Some tears of joy and affection may be shed but all we anticipate is a fairy tale cliché of a happily ever after conclusion to the scene.

This is a common hook in most romance movie sets. In romance movies, the subject of love between two or more parties is the running sequence with the stars mostly being a gentleman and a lady who are in deep love trying to escape hurdles brought to them in order for them to be together and live happily as a couple.

The Plot of Romance Movies

In romance movies, mostly there are two parties a man and a lady who are brought together by a uniting factor, their love towards each other. Most of the time they face a lot of problems due to this love for each other facing hostilities and misfortunes. However, they both manage to overcome this hurdles and find themselves together in most instances towards the end of the film.

To make the film more interesting a lot of twists occur during the storyline with some so intense that they leave an air of suspense on the viewer which will make the viewers glued.

The conclusion is mostly a joyous one that tries to push the theme of resiliency and its ultimate reward. There can be a wedding between the two couples or maybe having a baby to seal the union. In rare instances will it end in a tragedy, but it may with the death of one of the couple and the other making a decision of whether to move on or not.

Why We Enjoy Romance Movies

We enjoy romance movies due to the captivating storylines and the unpredictability factor as the movie progresses. The resiliency factor as the couple goes to great lengths to prove and maintain their love towards each other. How misfortunes preset themselves on their path to bliss is also heart wrenching and it is not rare for a tear or two to be shed during the screening of this movies.

The happily ever after conclusion also warms the hearts of many a viewer as it brings out the theme of conquering.

Best Movies in This Genre

There are a lot of movies in this genre worth your time if you are a fan of romance movies. The remake of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a good example of this genre. Others that are recommendable are like James Cameron’s Titanic which went on to bag a lot of awards for the storytelling in this piece.

In titanic for example, the two lovebirds are jack and rose who come from different backgrounds in class and societal standings. They meet on the ship the Titanic while on a voyage and its love at first site.

They face a lot of hurdles including sabotage and it untimely ends in the death of jack when the ship sank as he protected rose, his love. Though a tragic ending, this is among the best romance movies of all time.