What Are Psychological Movies And How We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-13
What Are Psychological Movies And How We Enjoy?

Psychological movies are quite popular and are known to cause a lot of fear and nightmares. They are twisted and at times have very deep meanings. They are designed in a way that keeps the viewer in suspense but with the hope of a happy ending.

These are movies that revolve a lot about crime, action and real life experiences. They are filled with suspense, excitement and surprise. For a psychological movie to get popular, viewers must be able to relate with it in one way or another. It may feature in an all familiar scenario like family feuds, romantic relationships gone sour and demise of a loved one. All the characters must be real people conveying a familiar message that brings along a teaching.

The real message should flow without letting the viewers struggle to understand the script. It should also have twists but should be easily understood. If it becomes complex, the viewers may get bored. A psychological movie should be scaring so as to keep the viewers glued to their seats. It should also be full of action. The sound track must also rhyme with the message of the movie.

What Do You Enjoy

People generally watch movies for various reasons such as entertainment, relaxation and to escape from some stressing situations in life. The suspense may be so gruesome and interesting. Movies also come with real life lessons that teach people so much about life. For example, a movie may teach about the positive effects of forgiveness or just how to handle some life challenges. Psychological movies are known to reduce stress because of the excitement they cause.They sometimes help a person to escape from the noisy world.

All Time Best: Jacob’s Ladder

This movie was released in 1990, in USA. It was directed by Adrian Lynne and Bruce Joel Rubin. It is about a musician cum soldier called Jacob. After coming home from Vietnam War, Jacob is so disturbed by the violence and hopelessness he had seen in Vietnam. He tried to play the depression down but the effect of thatwar had taken toll on him. He suffered from a lot of hallucinations and nightmares. Jacob goes through so much mental stress and he becomes totally insane as a result of the following:

  • Failure of his first marriage
  • His son was killed in a road accident
  • He was almost ran over by a train
  • He got seriously wounded in the war and had to be airlifted to a hospital
  • He organized with a group of friends to hire a lawyer to represent him, suddenly the friends and the lawyer pulled out.
  • He eventually became insane in spite of receiving so much support from his friends and family.

This movie describes the pain of stress, desperation and the permanent effect it may have on those who cannot liberate themselves from it. It also describes the irreversible problems that schizophrenics go through because of their mental state. Viewers are left wondering if there is a way of helping the depressed people in the society to avert insanity.