What Are Mystery Movies And How Much Do We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-12
What Are Mystery Movies And How Much Do We Enjoy?

In most mystery films, there’s always a breach in the social order, for example, let’s say a crime (although it does not necessarily have to be a crime) followed by attempts by persons in authority to try and fix that breach and maintain order. Let’s say detectives trying to solve mysterious crimes by use of clues and investigation. The key questions that viewers tend to ask themselves are ‘who did it?’, ‘what was done?’ and ‘why was it done?’

Mystery movies may be inspired by bestselling novels or real life events that took place. Some people enjoy watching mysteries for the same reasons others might enjoy watching romance or science fiction.

Viewers find themselves experiencing the emotional roller-coaster created by the nature of some characters’ lives and feeling what they feel. Sometimes they end up piecing up clues ahead of detectives in the movies. Solving such puzzles and mysteries helps in trying to cope with similar situations in real life such as burglaries or even death.

Some historical mysteries tend to influence other people’s views on the idea of justice. For example, the mystery of President John F Kennedy has convinced other people that the whole idea of getting justice is a sham.

When it comes to some of the best mystery films of all times, Sherlock Holmes is worth a shout. Imagine being a detective than as soon as you get one of your most wanted serial killers and having him sentenced to death. The criminal then reappears from the afterlife to continue his killing spree in an endless effort to take over the government and eventually to take over world domination forcing you to dwell into the mysterious world of black magic in a battle of wits to face the devil incarnate.

Escape From Alcatraz (1979) is also worth a mention since it’s based on a true story. The movie was about three criminals who managed to escape from an island prison in 1962. It is still one of America’s most enduring mysteries. The journey from the island prison to the mainland is 1.5 miles, and one can barely survive. Investigators pulled the plug on the case in 1979 by concluding that the three inmates were likely to have succumbed to the hostile water currents of San Francisco Bay.

The controversial film Da Vinci Code (2006). The film is about a respectable American symbology expert being on a business trip in Paris summoned by French investigators after an elderly curator is found murdered in a museum. At the scene of the crime, the police discover a baffling cipher. Langdon together with a French cryptologist discovers that the murdered curator was part of a secret organization- The Priory of Sion. They race against time as a Vatican based Catholic organization has always plotted to seize the Priory’s secret, and unless they can decipher the puzzle, the historical truth will be lost forever which threatens to shake the foundations of Christianity.