What Are Family Movies And How Much Do We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-07
What Are Family Movies And How Much Do We Enjoy?

Family movies are films that contain children themes or relate to them in the perspective of home and family. They can be from any genre such as animation, fantasy, realism, action –packed adventure, musicals, comedies, science fiction and costume dramas.

Their themes, plots, elements and characters appeal to the general audience making them suitable for whole family’s consumption. The themes revolve around endorsing such values such as love, self sacrifice, respect, confidence, importance of hard work. Negative attributes such as greed, disobedience, laziness, and bullying, fighting, name-calling among others are discouraged.

There is a lot of learning tied to the entertainment aspect of family movies. The underlying concept is to affirm the positive values and deject negative habits. They also seek to stir up both positive and negative emotions in children hence influencing their cognitive development with the help of the older family members.

Why I love family movies

I love family movies because they are centered on family values and have content that appeals to the whole family. They are an important tool for wholesome parenting. The themes, characters, and plots are goodconversation starterswhich I can use to explain important life lessons to children in aneasy way. They enable the family to engage in a discourse on their values and how the values influence their choices and the consequences thereon.

The movies offer an opportunity for a family to spend quality time and bond hence enhancing healthy family relationships which has immense benefits to every family member.

Best family movie: Where Is My Home?

Where Is My Home; a Christian family movie, is centered on the life of Wenya, a girl whose life is filled with pain, loniliness, emptiness and despair. Wenya’s parents seperate when she istwo years old and her mother and father remarry. She goes on to live with her father and stepmother who does not love or accept her.Her father is forced to return her to her mother. Wenya’s mother, a business lady, is too busy for her and is always away from home on business. She keeps sending Wenya from one relative to another for fostering. Hence, Wenya she lives a lonesomelife longing for the warmth of a home.

A time comes when Wenya’s father and stepmother divorce and she returns to live with him. She grows up and works hard in school but as she is about to sit her college exams, she suffers multiple tragedies. Her mother suffers a brain hemorrhage and paralysis leaving her bedridden. Her stepfather abandons her mother and seizes all her asserts. At the same time, her father is hospitalized with liver cancer. Wenya is left desolate and vulnerable, with no help forthcoming. She desperately reaches out to her relatives and friends but they all turn their backs against her. Ultimately and through the help of two nuns, who introduce the idea of seeking God to her, she is able to find solace in God and experiences divine peace as well as complete restoration.