What Are Drama Movies And How Much Do We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-07
What Are Drama Movies And How Much Do We Enjoy?

When you ask fanatics of drama movies to describe precisely what drama is, they may lack the exact words to do so. Most importantly, two keywords that might appear in most of their descriptions will be lots of conflicts and emotions. Drama movies incorporate both conflict and feelings through action and dialogue for theatrical purposes (apparently).

The mixed emotions and intense conflicts are what keep fanatics of drama movies deeply engrossed. This explains why producers and directors of such films need to be creative to make viewers want to view more and more of every episode of a particular movie or an episode of a series. They do so by creating suspense and creating twists and turns in various key moments within the movie or an episode.

To create a broader range of moods, drama movies have been further divided into subgenres. These include police crime drama, legal drama, comedy drama, documentary drama, romantic drama, historical drama and horror drama among others.

As human beings, we have emotions and are emotional beings which explain some of our actions. Everything in drama movies revolves around our real lives be it crime mysteries, relationship dramas, etc. It is for such reasons that people assume that life is supposed to be how they view it in drama movies.

They tend to catch viewers unawares with several twists and turns in the familiar storylines. There is also a general feeling that drama movies help individuals to develop critical and creative thinking techniques. Most people imagine putting themselves in the shoes of specific characters and imagining what judgment they would have made when faced with similar situations.

We might have divided opinions on some of the greatest drama movies of all times, but Titanic (1997) has to be up there with the very best. The movie was about the ill-fated R.M.S Titanic luxurious cruise ship. The ship was at the time, the most massive moving object ever built. The film is about a girl, Rose DeWitt Bukater who boards the ship and is destined for Philadelphia to marry Cal, a man who only fell for Rose because of the family’s wealth and status in the society. Because of her transgressions, Rose tries to commit suicide until she meets Jack who convinces her not to end her own life. Jack then steals Rose’s heart in the process until his untimely death when he freezes to death in the cold ocean waters after the ship hits an iceberg.

Citizen Kane also has to go down as one of the best drama movies of all time. In a nutshell, the movie is all about news reporters trying to decipher the last words of a dying magnate, Charles Foster Kane where he utters the word ‘rosebuds’ before his demise. After a news reporter’s attempt to decipher those words, his efforts reveal the stunning roots of a man who rose from rags to riches although his friends and colleagues stories and narrations do not unlock the mystery of his dying words.