What Are Animation Movies And How Much We Enjoy?

Create time: 2018-09-07
What Are Animation Movies And How Much We Enjoy?

Animation movies are a genre of movies produced through a film technique where individual in animate objects, drawings, illustrations, paintings and images are photographed frame by frame onto a flexible strip of transparent gelatine and run through a projection system giving the false impression of motion when frames are projected in rapid succession. Upon manipulation of time and space, along with immortal characters, the two-dimensional static art come alive into cinematic images.

Animation movies are either child oriented or adult oriented. The child-oriented films, for example, have simple, creative and entertaining themes that children can relate to. The characters are visually appealing, mainly adorable, funny, bright and beautiful, accompanied by happy melodious songs. The story lines are educative and tend to have a moral narrative hence subtly shaping and strengthening the cognitive and behavioural skills of the children.

They are imaginative and comical with captivating plot lines and elements that transcend reality but at the same time straight forward in a way that children easily interprete and place them in reality.

Why I Love Animated Movies

I love animated movies because they have easy and creative storylines that are funny and exciting to watch. They are easy on the eye due to the beautiful and bright characters that are visually captivating. The beautiful melodies accompanying the characters are not only entertaining but therapeutic as well to both adults and children. They are nostalgic and make mere kindle my childhood memories.

They are also highly educative and rich in content, mainly simple moral stories. Their simple themes and plotenable a viewer to have an insight and understanding of the morals of the story. They also held draw my mind to imaginary worlds and this is a welcome distraction from the complexities of real life.

All Time Best: The Princess and the Frog

 The Princess and the Frog, one of the most popular animated films under the Disney world films banner, features the story of Tiana, her friend Charlotte and a Prince, Naveen. Tiana and Charlotte are childhood friends who live in New Orleans.Tiana is an ambitious waitress who has dreams of owning her own restaurant.Prince Naveen then arrives in town and falls in love with Charlotte.
In a party held in his honour by Charlotte’s father, La Bouff, Tiara is hired by Charlotte to make beignets, giving her enough money to buy an old sugar mill which she converts into a restaurant which she later loses. Naveen and his friend Lawrence seek the services of Falicier, a witchdoctor, who promises to make their dreams come true. Naveen transforms into a frog, while Lawrence is given a voodoo talisman that makes him resemble Naveen.
Falicier’s intention is to Lawrence should marry Charlotte so that he, Falicier, could kill LaBouff and claim his fortune. Naveen convinces Tiara, to kiss him to cast out Feliciers spell but this turns Tiara into a frog. The story carries on up until when Tiara and Naveen fall in love and get married initially as frogs, but are later on restored to human form. They ultimately get married legally and open their new restaurantin New Orleans.