What Are Adventure Movies And How Do We Enjoy Them?

Create time: 2018-09-06
What Are Adventure Movies And How Do We Enjoy Them?

Adventure movies mostly contain features that are similar to action movies only that they are always located in foreign settings. As the name goes, adventure is always the major theme. They are usually characterized with the protagonist getting to extremely new places and doing very extra ordinary things that they have not tried before. Most known story lines are always in the direction of   search for lost treasures, heroic journey heading to unknown places. The journeys always lead to jungle and desert locations.

The movies are usually set in a certain time of historical record. They are mostly built from tales of recorded or made up heroes that resulted from adventure in the view of historical records.

The movies concentrates on mystery, romance, adventure, danger and fear of the unknown. Likely dangers mostly cited are always; fierce cannibals, hostile owners of a place, killer diseases, lost cities and collapsing temples, huge rivers, waterfalls. They may also involve adventurers from the exposed world intending to exploit the naive natives and their possession.

Adventure movies may at times be integrated with other genres of movies like science fiction, fantasy and even war movies.

Why the movies are enjoyable

The energy used in displaying the protagonist's daring ability is always incredible. Like for the case of a teenager fighting a monster and winning, such like occurrences make the movies very interesting.

Finding out the historical tales and how they affect the present, some of the historical tales are always very scary, they make one want to keep watching and find out how they will actually be overcome.

Watching the characters get to unrealistic places like jungles and stormy oceans and still survive, makes the movies more thrilling. The tension created especially when the protagonist seem to be succumbing to the struggle. The stories actually take you to the world of fantasy, one feels like the happenings of the movie are actually real.

The Best of all time Adventure Movie

The best adventure movie I have come across is the movie called Moana.

A demigod by the name Maui steals the heart of goddess TeFiti so that he can gift it to human beings. The heart of TeFiti is a small dazzling stone that has power to make life. As Mawi escapes with the stone from where TeFiti lies as if in deep sleep, he loses the stone under the attack of TeKa, a monster made of lava.

Years later in a small island called Polynesia, we meet Moana, the princess of the island. The ocean beckons Moana several times, but her family are careful not to allow her near the ocean in fear of losing her. It reaches a point where she is to be made chief but her heart wants to be connected to the ocean.

The Polynesia Island starts weathering, most of its plants dying and people living in sorrow due to the curse brought by Maui stilling the heart. Moana's grandmother reveals to her most of the hidden secrets of their islands. She is then convinced to be chosen to save her island. She sets out with HeiHei her pet chicken to find Maui so that they can find the lost heart.

Moana faces a lot of terrible experiences including Maui's arrogance, TeKa's ruthlessness as well as the hardship of going beyond the reef. She succeeds all this and manages to restore the heart of TeFiti.