Full-Length Streaming HD Family Movies Free

Create time: 2018-07-26
Full-Length Streaming HD Family Movies Free

Today, thousands of different movies are available on the planet but, it can be really tough for you to select best family movies under the overall best stock. It is very important to select the best film for family by keeping point of view of our children, husband/wife, parents and grand-parents. We must need to take care different perspectives for best enjoyment especially if we are going to watch that film with our family and to save your precious time, we arranged everything for you only on fusionmovies.to. Yes, we have collection of great family films which you can watch together with your family and friends. Some of the best full-length streaming HD family movies like -

A Wrinkle in Time

This is a fantasy science fiction film, directed by Ava DuVernay and released on 25 February 2018. It is the story of Meg Murry and her little brother, Charles Wallace who are living without their scientist father, Mr. Murry, for five years, ever since he discovered a new planet and used the concept known as a tesseract to travel there. Later, Meg and her classmate Calvin O'Keefe are guided to travel to a new planet by three mysterious astral travelers and now all they need is to face all of the evil in the universe along with travel. It is produced by James Whitaker and Catherine Hand. 

The Princess and the Frog

It is an unique animated story of a princess presented as a young waitress, Tiana and the frog who embarks on a hilarious adventure after she kissed the frog prince and now he has hope to be human again. It is released on 26 February 2010 and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements. It received 7.1 ratings out of 10 from IMDb.


An high quality drama family Humanitarian awarded movie, released on 14 Novemeber 2017 and directed by Stephen Chbosky. It is an incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story with 8 ratings out of 10 from IMDb of August Pullman, presented by New York Times in which a boy with facial differences enters fifth grade of mainstream elementary school for the first time. At the school, he faces different embarrassing situations at first by the classmates but, later everyone joined him due to his super warm behavior and intelligent mind.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast is an romantic fantasy family movie, released on 23 February 2017 and directed by Bill Condon. It is the story of Belle, a village girl who travels on a journey to save her father from a creature who prison him in his dungeon but, eventually she found that the creatures is an enchanted prince who has been cursed. She passes the incredible time with him along with emotional love instead of thinking about beast body. It received 7.2 ratings out of 10. 

How to Train Your Dragon

It is released on 16 April 2010 and directed by Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders, film series of how to train your dragon. In the film, boy breaks all the rules and befriends a dragon who is going to kill him. He named the dragon toothless and later, both join the forces to end the terror that wreaks havoc in their respective worlds. It is an animated drama fantasy film with 8.1 ratings.  

Alice in Wonderland

It is the animated HD story of Alice who in the dream, reached to the magical wonderland by following a rabbit in a blue coat and in the new world, she united with her friends, enjoyed the time and realized her true destiny by her friends. It is released on 25 February 2010, directed by Tim Burton and story by Lewis Carroll with featured song Alice.  

The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is released on 31 March 2017 and directed by Tom McGrath with 6.3 ratings from IMDb. It is the story of sever-year-old Tim who gets jealous on his parents when they brought a new baby as a brother in the home and paid all attention towards him only. Soon, Tim found out that new baby can talk and later, both team up to foil the plans of the CEO of Puppy Co. The Boss Baby is nominated for several awards, an unique fantasy comedy animated movie.

Home Alone Series

Home Alone is the best known comedy family film series, initially released on 18 October 1991 and directed by Chris Columbus. It is the story of eight-year-old Kevin who is accidentally left behind when his family leaves for France. At first, he's happy to be in charge in the entire home but later, when thieves arrive to break into his home for robbery, he puts up a fight like no other else. The final sequel named The Holiday Heist, released on 25 November 2012 and directed by Peter Hewitt. Each sequel is having different story but overall, it is ready for you with lots of comedy and action to impress you and your family.

Scooby-Doo Series

Scooby Doo is the famous American Animated TV series with hundreds of interesting episodes. The animated Scooby Doo character is also released with lots of cartoonist movies. The story based on spooky dog with team of investigators who solve the mysterious horror-type puzzle and find out the criminals behind it. The season one of the series is initially broadcasted on 13 September 1969 to 31 October 1970 and due to its huge success, later it came with more new fresh episodes with different seasons and different intervals of time.

Bean Seris

Mr. Bean is always known for best comedy through television series and it is having hundreds of episodes with many series. The first series is aired on 1 January 1990 to 15 December 1985. Due to its huge success and high TRP (Television Rating Point), more series released with different time intervals and now Mr. Bean (role played by Rowan Sebastian Atkinson) is also coming with new and new films time to time. The role of Mr. Bean is to turn the most ordinary situations into moments of excruciating embarrassment. You can enjoy all the episodes and Mr. Bean films for free only on fusionmovies.to, Full-Length Streaming HD Family Movies Free |‎‎ Watch Free Full HD Family Movies Online.