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Create time: 2018-07-12
1 Million Free Movies Now | FusionMovies


Yes, we are proud to say that our official site - FusionMovies.to contains up-to million films for free to watch in HD. You can enjoy anytime at anywhere and get access on unlimited devices without any speed restrictions or any other kind of restriction as compared to other third party sites. You can share it with your friends or even you can make unlimited downloads for free. If you want more advanced features then, you may purchase premium account at very low rate as compared to other sites and if you have any other special demand for something new which we don't have then, we will add it or we can say we complete it for you at free of charge. We have collection of latest films, old releases, new releases, Netflix Originals, Amazon Prime Videos, Documentaries, Latest and Old TV Series with different Seasons and many more. Some of the best films, you may enjoy with your family or friends like -

Early Man

It is an high animated fantasy action film, released on 20 January 2018 and directed by Nick Park. It is the story of tribe peoples who fight against the Lord Nooth (a fictional villain character) due to he plans to take over their land and convert it into a giant mine. He is forcing the tribal peoples to dig for precious metals and for them, it's time to payback to get freedom from Lord Nooth by epic fighting. It received 6.1 ratings out of 100 from IMDb and positive response from other critics.   

Hotel Artemis

You will enjoy the journey of 2028 in this film in which Hotel Artemis is the 13-story hospital secretly designed for criminals (patients) and a nurse who had some rules may need to break which she worked so hard to avoid in order to confront the night violence of Los Angeles rioting. The nurse role is played by Jodie Foster (an American actress) as high-tech healer who is already taking care of patients - French assassin, an arms dealer and an injured cop. Whatever the crime science fiction is there, it is 100% surety that you will enjoy complete film without taking a single minute break due to great suspense. It is released on 19 May 2018 and directed by Drew Pearce. It is 7.1 ratings from IGN Entertainment and positive reviews from other critics.    

The Death of Stalin

It is also one of the high quality drama comedy film, released on 20 October 2017 and directed by Armando lannucci. It is an award winning film, received positive scores from critics and best to enjoy alone or as well as with the family and friends.


Dunkirk is an award winning epic war story plots around world war II of may 1940, when Germany attacks for trapping allied troops of British and French on the beaches of Dunkirk but, under air and ground cover, they intelligently rescued themselves with the help of every serviceable naval and civilian vessel. At the end of the story, 330000 French, British as well as Belgian and Dutch troops were safely evacuated. It is released on 13 July 2017 and directed by Christopher Nolen. It received 8 scores out of 10 from IMDb.

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